14U's Loudi And Sejin Write Letters To Fans Following Group's Disbandment

14U’s Loudi and Sejin have written letters to fans following the group’s disbandment.

On May 12, BGent announced through the group’s fancafe, “14U has decided to go their separate ways after a long discussion.”

The same day, Loudi took to his Instagram story to share his thoughts, starting his long post by saying, “I won’t write a sad message, so please read this while smiling.”

He first relayed his thankfulness to his fans. “I am most regretful and apologetic about the fact that I wasn’t able to express my heart fully to Only Us (14U’s fanclub) while being part of 14U. It would have been nice if I showed just how much I love and cherish you all. I always thought to myself, ‘I’m so lucky to have Only Us by our side.’ The Only Us who stood by me taught me trust, love, and care. Thank you so much for believing in and depending on me and teaching me how to love unconditionally.”

He continued, “It’s sad that the first chapter of the book we wrote together is finished, but that means that another chapter will soon begin, doesn’t it? We can continue to write our dreams in the second chapter, so let’s write it together. 14U may not exist anymore, but we’ll still be a presence that will be beside you, so don’t worry! Seeing Only Us smile is my greatest happiness. I will do my best to return to happiness you’ve given me, so please take care of me going forward.”

On May 13, his fellow member Sejin also posted a letter to Instagram. Below is a full translation of the post:

Only U~ Hello~~

We ended up sharing some unfortunate news through articles, and I’m very sorry to have received your love only to disappoint Only Us and hurt your hearts. I always said like a broken record that I wouldn’t leave your side and that I’ll make you happy, but I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to fulfill those promises. I just…nothing but apologies are coming out. I was so happy to meet Only Us through being part of 14U, and I loved it so much that I can’t express it in words. Your appearance while supporting us was so pretty that I wanted to always make you happy, but I’m regretful and mad at myself for not being able to do that. I’m just sorry and very thankful. Also, there have been a lot of bad things that happened since our debut, but thank you so much for continuing to look after us.

While we were resting, I had a lot of thoughts, and I was thinking how I could repay the love Only Us have given us. Do you know why I want to say the words ‘cherry blossoms’ to Only Us? It’s for even prettier flowers to bloom. I will stand in front of you once more after reflecting on and improving myself. Only U~~ In that time, you won’t get tired and you’ll wait for me, right?? Please continue to trust and follow me as you’ve done in the past! I will make Only Us happy. I’ll post a lot of updates on Instagram, so although we won’t be able to meet in person, please look at my pictures and wait for me. In order for even prettier flowers to bloom, I will practice hard and appear in front of you again. I will reflect on myself and think about how to make you happy and not disappoint you. Only U, I’m very sad and sorry, but thank you so much. Please wait just a little while. I love you.

14U debuted in July 2017 with “VVV.” They subsequently released “Don’t Be Pretty” in February and “NEWS” in October of last year as a 13-member group.

Best of luck to the 14U members!

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