2PM’s Junho And Jung So Min Talk About Reuniting After “Twenty” And Their Love Triangle With Gong Myung In New Film

Four years after starring in the film “Twenty,” 2PM’s Junho and Jung So Min are reuniting in “Homme Fatale,” a funny, historical movie about youth and romance. Junho will appear as Joseon’s very first male escort, and Jung So Min as an intelligent waitress with a modernized way of thinking.

Viewers expressed regret that the pair did not have any exclusive scenes in “Twenty,” and the duo agreed, discussing what their upcoming film has in store for their chemistry. Junho stated, “Four years ago in ‘Twenty,’ there were not many scenes that I had with Jung So Min. However, the entire set was filled with people our age, so we are all still close and in contact. I am so glad that we met again like this, and I am so thankful that Jung So Min is taking on the role of Hye Won.”

Jung So Min relayed matching feelings, saying, “Although I had many scenes in ‘Twenty’ with Kang Ha Neul and Kim Woo Bin, I did not have any alone with Junho. It was a pity that we couldn’t try acting alone together. Even before ‘Homme Fatale,’ we supported each other’s projects. Then I decided to take on ‘Homme Fatale,’ and when I found out Junho was also starring, I was so happy. Junho has so many ideas and is really smart. I had no idea that he was so good at comedies, even historical ones.”

The pair also spoke about why they chose this film, saying that it was because of how fun and refreshing the script was. Junho added, “I began to think, when I am choosing projects, I shouldn’t think of anything else and just participate if it looks fun. As soon as I started to think that, I received the script for ‘Homme Fatale.’ I read the script in one sitting. That’s how fun and interesting I found it. The topic was also very refreshing. I was in the mindset of wanting to act in roles that I had never done before, and I think this film matched extremely well with those thoughts of mine.”

Jung So Min shared a similar story saying, “I got on a plane with the script. I thought that I would sleep or watch a movie during the flight, but I finished the script without even breathing as soon as I read the first page. It’s not easy for a script to be read in one sitting, but it was so fun. I normally have a lot of interest in historical films and have always wanted to try one, but on top of that, it was also enjoyable. There was no reason not to participate.”

They went on to describe each of their characters, with Junho sharing, “Heo Saek is very lovely. While he melts the hearts of females, it is not in a simple manner. He helps cure the pain in their hearts. Since he is capable of doing so, I believe he is an extremely charming and empathetic character. He is also able to relate to the pain of others so well because he has a lot of pain in his own heart.” Junho also discussed having to learn how to play the gayageum (a twelve-stringed Korean harp) for his role, saying, “I worked really hard. I even practiced one song until I could play the whole thing. It was to the point where I got blisters.”

Jung So Min spoke about her character Hye Won, saying, “Unlike the typical female of the Joseon Dynasty, she has an open mind. She is unchanging and also very responsible for her family.” In regards to the love triangle between Jung So Min, Junho, and Gong Myung, she stated, “Since Hye Won has been friends with Yoo Sang (Gong Myung) for a long time and has only just met Heo Saek (Junho), she sees the two differently.”

Junho then complimented Jung So Min, sharing, “Jung So Min feels like the nation’s first love of the Joseon Dynasty. It matches her so well, I don’t know why it’s taken her this long to appear in a historical film. I am so thankful that she is debuting in her first historical role through our film.”

“Homme Fatale” is set to premiere in June and stars 2PM’s Junho, Jung So Min, Choi Gwi Hwa, Ye Ji Won, and Gong Myung.

In the meantime, start watching Jung So Min in her latest drama “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes” below!

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