Song Joong Ki Talks About What Made Him Want To Star In “Arthdal Chronicles”

Ahead of the upcoming premiere of “Arthdal Chronicles” on June 1, Song Joong Ki shared his thoughts on deciding to participate after falling for the show’s mysterious charm.

“Arthdal Chronicles” is tvN’s new Saturday-Sunday drama about the people in the mythical city of Arthdal and how they fatefully become heroes after writing new legends.

Song Joong Ki will play the role of Eun Seom, the son of Asahon (played by Chu Ja Hyun) and a member of the Wahan clan, which Tan Ya (played by Kim Ji Won) is a successor of. Although born between his human mother and a neanderthal, Eun Seom lives among those of the Wahan Tribe. However, given his unique face, skills, and personality, he becomes an outsider. Eun Seom’s secretive identity brings even more mystery to the drama.

In regards to his first reaction to the drama, Song Joong Ki shared, “I remember when the director and writer explained the overall feel of this drama to me before I received the script. The first feeling I got was that it is a fun historical story. It was a similar mysterious feeling to the first time I saw Greek and Roman mythology when I was a child.”

The actor added, “I found the general narrative of the story to be very interesting and was surprised that each character has their own storyline and color.” He also said that his character was one of the biggest reasons for choosing this drama, sharing, “As the character with the most growth and maturation, I related a lot to how Eun Seom thought a lot about his identity. Although he is hurt often, he does not give up and works hard to find his path in life. I became greedy in wanting to portray the pain and innocence that Eun Seom has.”

He also spoke about the diverse charms of both his character and the drama storyline, saying, “While the era is different, this plot is still about how people live, as the various emotions humans experience such as greed, ambition, and instincts remain the same. The things we obviously cherish now may appear sacred and surreal for that, but I focused on portraying the primitive and basic aspects of life.”

Lastly, Song Joong Ki stated, “I think it will be good if viewers can feel at least a bit the lives of the various nations, languages and generations that ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ draws out. I believe many people will be able to relate to the growth Eun Seom experiences as he attempts to protect himself and those important to him.”

The production team commented regarding the actor, “Through the character of Eun Seom, Song Joong Ki was able to portray the vitality of a new generation with this magnificent storyline. Please look forward to Song Joong Ki’s incredible transformation into Arthdal’s stranger Eun Seom who holds a fateful secret.”

“Arthdal Chronicles” is set to premiere on Saturday, June 1 at 9 p.m. KST.

Check out the trailer here!

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