3 Impactful Lines From Chu Ja Hyun To Jo Yeo Jeong In “Beautiful World” About Covering Up School Violence

JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Beautiful World” has featured three sincere lines by Chu Ja Hyun’s character to Jo Yeo Jeong’s character that address issues surrounding the cover-up of school violence.


Because the character Park Sun Ho (played by Nam Da Reum) in the drama was misunderstood as being a perpetrator of sChul violence, his mother Kang In Ha (played by Chu Ja Hyun) was put in a similar situation as that of Seo Eun Joo (played by Jo Yeo Jeong).

In Ha was afraid Sun Ho’s wrongdoing would be revealed, so she tried to cover it up. Since In Ha empathized with Eun Joo’s situation, she offered heartfelt advice to stop Eun Joo from doing anything rash to cover up her son’s wrongdoings.

See three lines that have had an impact on viewers below.

1. “Covering up the truth is like sending Joon Seok to hell.”

Oh Joon Seok (played by Seo Dong Hyun) is the main leader of violence at sChul and In Ha found out that Eun Joo was in the vicinity of the sChul the day the incident occurred. In Ha realized that the Eun Joo had been kind this whole time to cover up the truth about the sChul violence to protect her son Joon Seok.

Despite the cover-up becoming more and more obvious, Eun Joo continued to lie about the incident. In response, In Ha said, “Covering up the truth does not protect Joon Seok, it’s like sending Joon Seok to hell.” In Ha criticized Eun Joo’s way of protecting and loving her son. In Ha looked at Eun Joo’s anxious face and added, “Do you even sleep? I find it hard to sleep, how about you? You seem in pain too.” The last line shook up Eun Joo, who was suffering from guilt constantly.

2. “What you are trying to protect is not Joon Seok, but yourself.”

In Ha met Joon Seok, who is suspected to have met Sun Ho on the day of the incident. In Ha said, “Adults may not be honest, but I came with the hope that maybe you might confess honestly. You are my only hope.” Joon Seok didn’t tell In Ha the truth because he was instructed by his parents Oh Jin Pyo (played by Oh Man Seok) and Eun Joo to keep it a secret.

Eun Joo came looking for Joon Seok and told In Ha, “I’m warning you not to mess with my son. I’m going to protect my son.” In Ha furiously replied, “What you are trying to protect is not Joon Seok, but yourself. You are trying to protect the privileges you’ve been enjoying until now.” In Ha added, “Just because you are a mother doesn’t mean you can be exempt from your sins.”

3. “You and Joon Seok are already in ruins.”

Eun Joo created a false alibi for Joon Seok on the day of the incident. Joon Seok ran away from home because he felt suffocated from his mother who told him, “I’m doing this for you. To me, you are the whole world.”

Eun Joo remembered Joon Seok saying that he was jealous of how comfortable Sun Ho’s home was. Eun Joo went to Sun Ho’s neighborhood and In Ha saw Eun Joo pacing around their home. In Ha felt sympathy and also related to Eun Joo because she too tried to avoid the truth to protect her son. In Ha told Eun Joo, “You are already a mess. You and Joon Seok are already in ruins.” Despite hearing this comment, Eun Joo said, “That will never happen. My Joon Seok has no problems.”

“Beautiful World” airs every Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. KST on JTBC.

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