EXID Talks About Group’s Future, Shedding Tears While Recording New Song, And More

EXID recently talked about recording their new album and their future activities as a group!

On May 15, the girl group held a comeback showcase to celebrate the release of their latest mini album “We.”

During the event, the members first talked about feeling nervous for the release of their album. They commented that they had worked hard in order to prepare for the release, and that they were looking forward to their upcoming promotional activities.

It was previously revealed that Hani and Jeonghwa decided not to renew their contracts, which are set to expire at the end of the month. Solji, LE, and Hyelin have re-signed with the agency. The group’s agency Banana Culture Entertainment also added that EXID will take a hiatus from team activities after completing their promotional activities.

When asked if they had any concerns regarding this transitional period, Solji responded, “Rather than concerns, this moment was precious. That’s why I tried to work even harder. I thought [this time] would be extremely important, so we had good conversations and prepared while communicating frequently.” Hani added, “I also had so many precious moments. From the process of preparing [for the comeback] to this moment now, these were precious times, so I think that’s why it’s so meaningful.”

Solji and Hani then revealed that they had shed tears while writing the lyrics for their comeback track “We Are.” Hani said, “LE gave everyone a mission to write the lyrics together. While sending my lyrics through a messaging application, I cried.”

Jeonghwa continued, “There was another member who cried in the recording studio,” and revealed Solji as the member in question. LE explained, “It was when the song was about to stop. It might be because Solji’s part raises the emotional factor.” In response, Solji stated, “I felt moved because it holds the stories of all five members. There was definitely sadness, but I also felt emotional. It’s probably because its our stories [in the song].” LE then joked, “[Solji] is the type to cry frequently. We were sad too, but we held in those emotions.”

The group then explained that although they would be going on hiatus, they were not disbanding.

LE explained, “We talked a lot about this part together. I actually think we were able to make this choice because we understand, love, and acknowledge each other. We’re still talking a lot.” Solji also remarked, “I don’t think there will be a three-member EXID. The five of us want to do this together. We could have [three members] as a unit, but the five of us want to [promote] as EXID together.”

LE stated, “There were articles stating that this was our ‘final’ album, but it’s not a complete end. It’s true that this is the final album before our hiatus, but [the members] are having many discussions, so I don’t think [fans] have to worry too much.”

She then revealed that as a rookie, her role models have always been Shinhwa, and that her dream was for EXID to gather together to promote regardless of where they are.

Jeonghwa finally stated that although fans might be worried about their current situation, it would be nice if they could enjoy this moment and make pleasant memories with the group.

On May 15 at 6 p.m. KST, EXID released their newest title track “Me & You” along with its music video. Check out the music video here!

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