“Doctor Prisoner” Cast Share Their Affection And Gratitude For The Drama After Its Finale

Namgoong Min, Nara, Choi Won Young, and many other cast members of KBS’s hit drama “Doctor Prisoner” thanked viewers and expressed affection for the show after its finale.

“Doctor Prisoner” aired its last episode on May 15 and held on to its No. 1 spot at the top of its time slot, with ratings as high as 15.8 percent.

Through his agency, Namgoong Min stated, “First, I’d like to thank the director, writer, my seniors and juniors and fellow cast members, and the crew members on set for working day and night in order to make a good production. Because of you, I was able to enjoy the experience of filming, which felt both very long and very short. I was very lucky to come across a project like ‘Doctor Prisoner.’ I’ve never played an anti-hero before, but I was able to grow as an actor because of this role. I will remember this character for a long time. I thank all the viewers who loved ‘Doctor Prisoner’ from the bottom of my heart.”

Nara took to Instagram to write, “Thank you for loving ‘Doctor Prisoner,’ as well as my character of So Geum. I was happy to be able to work with an amazing director and writer, hardworking crew members, and seniors whom I respect.”

Through her agency, Lee Da In said, “It was an honor to be able to work on such a great production with amazing seniors. I sincerely thank the director, writer, and all the crew members for always giving their all to making a good production. The time flew by while filming because of you. I feel like the time I spent with ‘Doctor Prisoner’ was too short, and there are many regrets, but I will remember it as a project through which I was able to grow. Thank you to the cast and crew for supporting the character of Jae In, and thank you again to all the viewers for supporting us.”

Through his agency, Saram Entertainment, Choi Won Young said, “We were able to come safely this far because of all the viewers who kept cheering on and supporting ‘Doctor Prisoner’ until the end. There were a lot of concerns in portraying Lee Jae Joon, and it wasn’t easy to put in all the research, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to try new things. I tried to think of Lee Jae Joon from the point of view of his family. I think that his trauma came from the seeds of the behavior of adults in his past.”

He added, “I think that this project was the joint effort of many actors, crew members, and the viewers. I will work hard to become an even better actor in the future.”

In a video released through his agency, JS Pictures, Park Eun Suk said, “I feel restless because I have to say goodbye to a production that I really love. I’m glad I was able to show a new side of myself [to the viewers], and I loved this character so much that I think I’ll remember this experience for a long time. I’m sure a lot of people hated my character at first, but I’m grateful to everyone who supported Jae Hwan until the end. To those who hated him until the end, I can only apologize instead,” he added with a smile.

Bae Yoon Kyung said, “I feel both relieved and regretful that this is the end. I learned a lot every time I came to set. It was an honor to join such a great production. I hope to see everyone again through another good project and new character.”

Through her agency, Kim Jung Nan said, “It was both an adventure and an experiment to take on the character of Oh Jung Hee. It was a character I had wanted to do, but when it came time to do it, I was both scared and excited. I researched a lot of prison dramas before I started filming. I’m happy to think of Oh Jung Hee as part of the ‘Avengers’ of the ‘Doctor Prisoner’ team. I think that she surprisingly got a lot of love [from the viewers]. Thank you to everyone who watched the show until the end.”

Through her agency, Ha Young said, “It feels like it hasn’t been long since filming started. I was really happy and grateful to spend this time with a brilliant director and my seniors and crew members. ‘Doctor Prisoner’ was even more meaningful to me because it was my first project.”

Through his agency, Lee Hyun Kyun said, “I was happy and grateful to be given the opportunity to work with Kang Shin Il, who I have respected for a long time, and other seniors like Namgoong Min and Kim Byung Chul. Filming wasn’t always easy, but I think I was able to leave an impact on viewers in my opening scene. Every scene, every episode was full of tension, and as a genre project, it was a filming experience that I’d never had before. I am happy to have worked on such a great project with a good cast and crew, and thank you to all the viewers for their love and support.”

Check out the dramatic finale of “Doctor Prisoner” below!

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