3 Main Suspicions Surrounding Lee Jin Wook’s Shady Character In “Voice 3”

Lee Jin Wook is starring as Do Kang Woo in OCN’s “Voice 3,” where he is suspected of being a masked killer. Viewers’ doubts are rising as every episode leads to the discovery of additional suspicions including his police badge, matching fingerprints as the masked killer, worsening blackouts, bloodstains, and various torture devices.

Here are three main suspicions surrounding Do Kang Woo that we’re all itching to find answers for.

Spoilers ahead

Art storage murder

Do Kang Woo was placed on the list of suspects after his police badge was found at the scene of an art warehouse murder in Japan. No DNA evidence was found besides the police badge, but the masked killer had the same “sameta” (Japanese for “awakened”) tattoo on his wrist as Do Kang Woo, and Do Kang Woo was arrested nearby for assaulting someone during his blackout. If Do Kang Woo isn’t the masked killer, why was he near the scene, and how was his police badge discovered there?

Worsening blackouts

Do Kang Woo’s blackouts worsened with the new season. They come at unexpected moments, and he injects himself with stimulants whenever this happens. When he’s unable to realize what’s going on, he runs away, unable to control himself.

Despite hearing the answer he wanted to hear from Suzuki (played by Jung Ki Seop) who was the culprit behind the travel app murder and the person who posted a snuff film on “Auction Favre,” Do Kang Woo was unable to stop threatening him. He also couldn’t recognize his colleague when they tried to stop him.

Hate photos and various torture devices

Ryoji (played by Park Dong Ha) strongly suspects Do Kang Woo to be the culprit of the art warehouse murder. When Do Kang Woo’s DNA wasn’t discovered at the scene, he found Do Kang Woo’s hideout in Japan where the walls were covered with various hate photos and memos, and blood-covered torture devices were found in the bathroom. Do Kang Woo claimed that he smuggled himself into the country in order to chase “Auction Favre” alone without anyone knowing. How he spent the past 10 months, however, are a complete mystery and have raised nothing but questions.

Find out the truth behind Do Kang Woo on “Voice 3,” which airs on Saturdays at 10:20 p.m. KST.

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