WINNER’s Song Mino Opens Up About Concerns As A Musician Versus Variety Show Entertainer

WINNER’s Song Mino shared concerns about his career in a recent interview.

The rapper gained popularity for his variety show skills on tvN’s “New Journey to the West” and “Kang’s Kitchen” where he showed a different side of him with innocent charms offstage and earned nicknames for his unique talents.

During an interview to promote WINNER’s latest mini album “We,” Song Mino expressed gratitude for his popularity as well as concerns.

“I successfully returned from ‘Kang’s Kitchen 2,'” began Song Mino. “I really had fun filming. I worked hard. I also appeared on the first season of ‘Kang’s Kitchen,’ but I’m not sure. I don’t think that I’m officially a variety show entertainer or that I’m really good at variety shows, but I worked hard so that I wouldn’t be troublesome.”

He continued, “I could’ve made a comeback right after I returned. I left for ‘Kang’s Kitchen 2’ for a long time, and I was thankful to my members for doing a good job at completing [the album] during my absence.”

Song Mino then brought up the differences in his life as a musician versus a variety show entertainer. He said, “I thought [variety show appearances] were something to be grateful for. I was grateful just for the fact that I could film with the nation’s best MC seniors, call each other brothers, be close beyond filming, and have fun filming. I felt the gap between my image in variety shows and my main job as a musician.”

He continued, “I definitely went through it when I was suddenly loved on ‘New Journey to the West.’ I was confused. Many people knew me, but I wondered if my promotions as a musician would be affected with prejudice if I acted a certain way since my variety show image became stronger.”

“I opened up about it to seniors who experienced that and talked about it with Eun Ji Won,” said Song Mino. “All of the seniors said, ‘You just have to do well.’ That was really hard and it was difficult to understand it. But no matter how much I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that if I worked hard as Song Mino on variety shows and as Song Mino in WINNER as I did now, then many people would come to recognize it. My mind then felt comfortable. I’ll work hard wherever I am.”

Check out the MV for WINNER’s latest title track “Ah Yeah” here!

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