9 Talented Korean Artist Duos That Deserve Your Support

The K-pop scene is heavily dominated by multi-member idol groups and solo artists. Groups and solos are popular for good reason, but at the same time, seeing not one, not nine, but exactly two people in a group is unique and eye-catching in its own way. And I have to say, with the scarcity of duos in the industry, they’re often underrated and deserve much more love. Hopefully, seeing these duos in one list will make you realize how special and talented they are!

1. BOL4

In 2016, BOL4 took Korea by storm and conquered the music charts. Ahn Ji Young’s unique vocal color and their adorably romantic tracks turned out to be something everyone needed in their lives. Add Woo Ji Yoon’s guitar playing, songwriting, variety skills, dance skills, and everything else she does, and you get BOL4!

Check out their lesser-known but still amazing debut song “Fight Day”:

And of course, their latest chart-topping “Bom”!

2. Vanilla Acoustic

Comprised of members Vanilla Man and Sung Ah, this duo produces great acoustic music that’s easy to listen to. Vanilla Man is an extremely talented composer who created not only most of their own songs but also co-composed most of BOL4’s hit songs! Plus, both members have beautiful, smooth voices that are very pleasing to the ears.

Listen to their gorgeous harmonies in the music video for “Like That,” one of their more upbeat songs!

Also check out Sung Ah singing one of their ballads “Sigh” live:

3. Davichi

This female duo’s vocals have a way of piercing through your heart and making you feel the pain that accompanies love. Any Davichi ballad is a classic, go-to song to listen to when you want to feel that cathartic pang of sadness. Not to mention their sisterly love for each other that just makes everything even better. They recently came back with their new song “Unspoken Words,” so check it out live below!

Member Lee Hae Ri recently sang the OST for tvN’s “Her Private Life.” The song is titled “Maybe” and highlights the characters’ confused feelings of love. Watch the music video below:

Start watching “Her Private Life”:

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4. Peppertones

This band from Antenna Music creates feel-good rock music that’s bound to put you in a good mood. Not only do they create amazing music, but they’re also extreme brainiacs. Both members graduated from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), one of the most prestigious universities in Korea, and member Lee Jang Won is currently a fixed cast member of tvN’s “Problematic Men,” a talk show where they solve difficult problems.

Here’s one of their earlier songs that caught the attention of music lovers, “Good Luck”:

Recently, they sang an OST titled “Fool” for SBS’s “The Secret Life of My Secretary“!

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5. JBJ95

It’s very rare to see a two-member idol group. In fact, they’re the only ones on this list! Kenta and Kim Sanggyun carry on the legacy of JBJ, as they decided to continue promoting together as a duo after the group’s disbandment. Kenta’s refreshing vocals, Kim Sanggyun’s rhythmical rap, the electronic beats, and their impressive dance performance create a perfect blend that’s both similar to and different from other idol groups.

Here is their latest track “Awake,” followed by a performance video of their debut song “Home.”

6. Akdong Musician

Also known as AKMU, this sibling duo is one of a kind. They took everyone by surprise with their catchy self-written tracks when they competed (and won) on SBS’s “K-pop Star 2.” When they made their official debut in 2014, they made it clear that they didn’t luck out when they won the survival show and that they’re capable of producing quality music continuously. Member Lee Chan Hyuk is returning from the military soon, so hopefully, we’ll get to hear more from them soon!

Check out their “K-pop Star 2” competition track “Is It Ramyun?” and the music video for their most recent release “Dinosaur”!

7. Vibe

Vibe is a long-running vocal duo that owns a number of songs Koreans love singing at the karaoke. You may be more familiar with member Yoon Min Soo as Yoon Hoo’s dad, as the father and son gained lots of popularity through their appearance on MBC’s “Dad! Where Are We Going” from 2013 to 2015.

Listen to one of their most famous tracks “Drinking” and a live performance of their latest music chart hit “Fall in Fall.”

8. Gilgu Bonggu

If you’re looking for some more powerful vocals, this is an R&B ballad duo you must check out! Although they haven’t had a smash hit track yet, their songs have been steadily ranking on charts, and the Korean public is slowly, but definitely recognizing their amazing talent. Here’s Gilgu Bonggu singing a medley of their songs for 100 seconds, starting with one of their most successful songs, “Star.”

Also check out the music video for their latest track “Stay Here”!

9. Norazo

Norazo debuted in 2005 with an eccentric concept unlike any other group’s. Their songs often focus on and describe an unexpected topic (i.e. “Superman,” “Mackerel,” and “Curry”). Jobin’s flamboyant stage costumes coupled with the fantastic vocal abilities of the vocal member — previously Lee Hyuk, now Won Heum — create an unbalanced yet harmonious performance that’s extremely entertaining to watch.

The song that shot them to stardom was “Superman,” a total workout song that’s sure to motivate you.

Their latest track is an OST for SBS’s “The Fiery Priest” titled “Our Neighborhood Hero.” Here’s the music video:

Start watching “The Fiery Priest” below!

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Which of these duos is your favorite? What do you think is the best part about duos? Let us know in the comments below!

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