Watch: Jin Ki Joo And Kim Young Kwang Are Playful Behind The Scenes Of “The Secret Life Of My Secretary”

SBS’s “The Secret Life of My Secretary” has released a behind-the-scenes video of Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo showing great teamwork.

“The Secret Life of My Secretary” tells the story of a romance between cold-hearted boss Do Min Yik (played by Kim Young Kwang) who has facial blindness, and his secretary Jung Gal Hee (played by Jin Ki Joo) who leads a double life.

The video began with Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo filming a scene. After Kim Young Kwang takes Jin Ki Joo into the office, Jin Ki Joo was supposed to take the jacket off as she says her line, “Being a secretary is such an extreme job.” Instead, she said the line first and then took the jacket off. The crew asked for another take and realizing her mistake, she said, “I should do it as I take it off, right?”

Before filming their next scene together, Kim Young Kwang and Jin Ki Joo had fun practicing their scene off-camera. As he wiped his forehead, Kim Young Kwang commented, “Look at me sweat. Look at the cold sweat.” After the two enjoyed a good laugh together, Jin Ki Joo responded, “That’s why you should stay still.”

In the scene at the hospital, Jin Ki Joo told Kim Young Kwang to apologize so he started to kneel on the bed. However, the director said, “No, no. Because your shoulders are so broad, it blocks the camera view.” During the filming of the scene, Jin Ki Joo forgot that she had to leave the door open for the next person to come in. The director said, “Gal Hee, you can’t close the door.” So Jin Ki Joo went back out for another take.

As Jin Ki Joo posed at the camera, Kim Young Kwang poked her from the back and she said, “Stop bothering me. Do you see him bothering me?” Kim Young Kwang replied, “I’m not bothering you.” He then added, “You use glasses without the lenses.” Jin Ki Joo said, “That’s supposed to be a secret.”

Once they started filming, Kim Young Kwang asked for another take and said, “Ah, she pokes too hard!”

Then, in between their takes, Kim Young Kwang said, “Today, Gal Hee had a chocolate frappuccino from Starbucks.” While he said this, Jin Ki Joo covered his mouth to try to stop him from finishing the whole sentence.

Watch the behind-the-scenes video:

“The Secret Life of My Secretary” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m. KST. Watch the latest episode below!

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