Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Talk About The Kind Of Love Story They Want To Show Together

On May 20, MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “One Spring Night” held a press conference with the director, Ahn Pan Suk, and the cast.

“One Spring Night” is a romance about two ordinary people who fall in love. Jung Hae In plays a pharmacist named Yoo Ji Ho and Han Ji Min plays a librarian named Lee Jung In.

Ahn Pan Suk, who had previously worked with Jung Hae In on “Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food,” was asked about taking on another melodrama. He replied, “I don’t think about genre when I pick my projects. I have my hands full with just creating a story that makes sense. What can I think of? Can I make that into a story? It’s not easy to find a project that can tell a good story. When you ask me, ‘Why another melodrama?’, the answer is that the story made sense to me.”

Han Ji Min was also asked why she chose “One Spring Night” as her next project. She replied, “I liked that this drama had no MSG or additives in the storyline. It’s about the simple, realistic concerns that we all have about love and marriage.”

She added, “Unlike other characters, Lee Jung In has a lot of emotional and realistic dialogue. The dialogue that our characters share is the kind of thing that real lovers and friends say to each other. Lee Jung In can also be selfish. Every person has multiple sides to their personality. Even when you try to look like something else, your true side comes out when you fall in love.”

Jung Hae In said, “I think that the situation between Lee Jung In and Yoo Ji Ho is somewhere between coldness and passion. It’s a situation in which it’s hard to get up the courage to approach the other person, or let yourself be approached. I found that very appealing. When I was reading the script, I thought it was a realistic depiction of how an ordinary man meets a woman and falls in love. I sat down and read it all in one sitting.”

Han Ji Min said of her co-star, “I think that I got a lot of help this time on set. Jung Hae In worked with the director before, as did most of the production staff, so he was able to tell me helpful things. He gave me a lot of tips about things I was concerned about, as well as how to work with the director. He gave me a lot of help. Filming was very comfortable as a result.”

Jung Hae In said, “I can’t pick a single word to describe [our relationship on set]. We swap stories, contact each other off-set, and talk about the script. We grew very comfortable with one another. She is naturally someone with a cool personality that makes other people comfortable, so I was able to act in a comfortable environment.”

“One Spring Night” premieres on May 22 at 9 p.m. KST. It will be MBC’s first drama to air in that time slot.

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