Lovelyz Talks About Crying During Their MV Filming, Being Reminded Of Their Debut, And More

Lovelyz discussed their comeback and the emotions their new album evokes for them!

On May 20, the group held a showcase at Blue Square iMarket Hall in Seoul to celebrate the release of their sixth mini album “Once Upon A Time.”

Leader Baby Soul shared, “Since it’s our first comeback in six months, I was nervous and wanted to quickly see our fans.”

Regarding the album’s title, Sujeong explained, “It will make you think of a fairy tale that begins with ‘Once upon a time,’ and the theme is love. It’s an album that expresses the parting, new love, and first love that everyone experiences at least once.”

Mijoo added, “The album contains the theme of our most beautiful time. I was proud because it really is beautiful. Looking at our album, I said ‘It’s so pretty’ to myself.”

Lovelyz’s title song “Beautiful Days” embodies the group’s crisp and fresh sound and tells the story of their most beautiful time through the members’ wistful voices, showing off their emotional colors.

Yein stated, “The lyrics that go, ‘Don’t worry, in order for our lost time to not become sad, I will gather your traces and cherish them,’ left a big impression on me. It’s not an expression that is used very often, and I think it conveys Lovelyz’s unique colors well.”

When discussing their music video filming, Jisoo revealed, “The director asked me, ‘When Lovelyz is finished and the members get together to reminisce, what do you think it’ll be like?’ I ended up crying. The music video has those kinds of bittersweet emotions. In the end, there’s a party scene, and it contains that reminiscent scene of our good relationship.”

Furthermore, when asked to describe their new album in one word, Mijoo replied, “Debut. While recording the title song, it made me think of our debut period when we didn’t know anything. We didn’t put in our in-ear monitors properly and didn’t know where all the cameras were. The emotions I felt while looking back on that time were very new. I think we all matured a lot.”

With May shaping up to be a month of intense competition between groups’ comebacks, Lovelyz stated, “Through our five years promoting, we’ve felt that being able to continuously stand on stage is something to be very thankful for. With this album, we want to have fun with our activities as much as we’ve worked hard to prepare.” However, Sujeong displayed her ambition by adding, “I want to get No. 1 on a music show.”

Check out their comeback MV here!

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