Watch: Kang Ha Neul Discharged From Military; Names The Girl Groups Who Kept Him Going During His Service

Kang Ha Neul is officially back from the military!

On May 23, after successfully completing his mandatory military service and being discharged from the Gyeryongdae Service Support Corps in Daejeon, the actor greeted both fans and reporters as a civilian.

Expressed his surprise at the crowd who had gathered to see him, a visibly flustered Kang Ha Neul couldn’t stop giggling as he remarked, “This is my first time being discharged, so I don’t know what to say. I’m grateful that so many people have come to see me.” He added, “I’m embarrassed, but I’m also happy.”

When asked about his experience in the military, Kang Ha Neul commented, “I really learned a lot, and it was a very happy time for me. Lots of things happened, and I studied a lot and read a lot of books. I think it was a really meaningful two years.”

He added, “Thank you so much to everyone who waited for me.”

In response to a question about the very first things he wanted to do after leaving the military, Kang Ha Neul replied, “What I haven’t been able to do yet is call my parents.” As for what he wanted to eat most at the moment, he revealed, “I’d like to buy a cold can of beer and drink it at home.”

A reporter went on to ask Kang Ha Neul about which girl groups gave him the most strength during his time in the service. The actor responded with a laugh, “All of them. I really like all of them. But this morning, I saw Lovelyz [on television], and there was also TWICE. I haven’t been able to see them on TV recently, but there was also Red Velvet.”

Finally, Kang Ha Neul told his fans, “I’m greeting you for the first time in a long while. I’ve been discharged today! I will soon greet you again as civilian Kang Ha Neul, who is no longer a soldier.”

Earlier this week, the actor confirmed that he will be making his small-screen return through the upcoming KBS romantic comedy “When the Camellia Blooms” (working title).

Congratulations to Kang Ha Neul on successfully completing his military service!

Check out the clip of Kang Ha Neul greeting fans and reporters below:

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