Ong Seong Wu And Kim Hyang Gi’s Upcoming Youth Drama Holds First Script Reading

The first script reading of “Moments of 18” (working title) was full of youthful energy from the vibrant cast.

“Moments of 18” looks into the lives of the inexperienced youth. At the precarious age when even the smallest things can sweep you into a whirlwind of problems, the lives of these 18-year-olds show that the moments that pass by can leave deep, real impressions.

Director Shim Na Yeon and writer Yoon Kyung Ah were present at the script reading, as well as cast members Ong Seong Wu, Kim Hyang Gi, Shin Seung Ho, Kang Ki Young, Shim Yi Young, Kim Sun Young, Park Sung Geun, Heo Young Ji, ASTRO’s Moonbin, and more.

Ahead of the script reading, the director shared, “I sincerely thank you for doing this with us. I will do my best to create a good drama.” The writer remarked, “It’s an honor to work with director Shim Na Yeon, whom I believe in, and such amazing actors. I hope that we make an unforgettably great drama.”

The cast then dove into the script reading and their characters. Making his acting debut as the lead character, Ong Seong Wu perfectly immersed himself in his character Choi Joon Woo, a lonely yet mentally strong 18-year-old. Though Choi Joon Woo is not the best at expressing his emotions because he was always alone, he has an unexpectedly adorable side to him. Ong Seong Wu was able to convey the nuances of his character’s complicated thoughts into his lines.

Kim Hyang Gi gave a realistic approach towards her character Yoo Soo Bin, a high-achieving student whose dream is to stand alone. Growing up under her ambitious mother’s management, she had no clear dreams or goals. Kim Hyang Gi showed refreshing chemistry with Ong Seong Wu, all the while creating perfect chemistry with her on-screen mother Kim Sun Young. As this is her first drama comeback in four years, Kim Hyang Gi shared, “It has been a long time since I’ve filmed a drama. I’ll work hard. I hope that everyone will be energized, and we’ll be able to conclude well.”

Shin Seung Ho created high tension with his character Ma Hwi Young, a boy who appears perfect from head-to-toe on the outside but has a twisted, dark sense of inferiority. He flawlessly conveyed the duality of a model student who holds onto his pain. His chemistry with Ong Seong Wu, whose character faces off with Ma Hwi Young when he transfers to his school, created another level of tension during their showdown. Shin Seung Ho remarked, “It’s an honor to meet great senior actors and fellow colleagues. I will do my best to work hard as I experience and learn.”

Kang Ki Young transformed into the students’ homeroom teacher Oh Han Kyul. Hopelessly irresponsible and inexperienced, he grows into a true teacher as he butts heads with his students. Deviating from the typical teacher character, his refreshing energy was a great addition to the chemistry of the students. He drew laughter at the script reading by saying, “Despite the fact that even until last year I was the one wearing a uniform, I became a teacher this time. I will be the compass for the students and do my best.”

Other cast members in adult characters showed great chemistry with the main leads. Shim Yi Young worked well with Ong Seong Wu as his on-screen mother, while Kim Sun Young took charge of the character of a perfect working mother. Park Sung Geun pulled off the opportunistic vice principal, Sung Ki Yoon transformed into a cold businessman and Hwi Young’s father, and Choi Dae Hoon took on the character of grades-oriented mathematics teacher. Heo Young Ji added a twist to the story with her bright energy.

The script reading also included even more actors who added their own charms to the drama, including Kim Ga Hee, Yoo In Soo, Moon Joo Yeon, Kim Do Wan, ASTRO’s Moonbin, Baek Jae Woo, Lee Seung Min, Han Sung Min, Kim Bo Yoon, Shin Ki Joon, Woo Joon Seo, and more.

The production staff stated, “It was very memorable to see that the actors were so perfectly immersed into their characters during their first meeting. Please look forward to the first episode of the youth drama that anyone can relate to, ‘Moments of 18,’ which will air this summer.”

“Moments of 18” is set to premiere in the latter half of the year.

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