Stars Have Fun Becoming Kids Again By Using Baby Face Filter

The baby face filter is so popular nowadays, and celebrities have got in on the fun!

Check out many of the celebrities who become enthralled by their adorable appearances as they go back to their childhood using the funny filter.


Suzy looks even more adorable as she turns into a little girl with chubby cheeks! In the little clip, she speaks in a funny voice that mimics a child and bursts into laughter at her transformation.


Check out Sleepy as he turns into a tough little boy with tattoos.

Jeon Somi

Jeon Somi seems to be fascinated by her cute, chubby cheeks!


Aren’t the members of A.C.E. adorable as kids?

Song Eun Yi & Kim Sook

The two female comedians surprised everyone with their changed looks on their radio show.

Kim Sung Ryoung

Kim Sung Ryoung uploaded a photo using the baby filter along with photos of her real younger self with the message, “When I woke up… I got younger. But I didn’t look like this when I was younger. Uh oh, black-and-white… photo?”

ONF’s MK and E-Tion

MK also amused himself by transforming into a little boy while getting styled, and E-Tion had fun going back to his childhood.

Bae Yoon Jung

Bae Yoon Jung uploaded photos of herself using the baby face filter.

Epik High

The members of Epik High competed to see who has the cutest baby face by asking for votes!


The rapper posted this photo and asked his fans, “Something is different about me, right…?”

Park Shin Hye

The actress looks adorable as a little girl with short hair. She uploaded the photo on her Instagram account along with the words, “I heard this was popular lately… so I tried it out.”

2PM’s Chansung

Macho Chansung also tried out the baby face filter and couldn’t help but jokingly point out that his shoulders looked too manly for his new look.


Fans can’t help but fawn over little Se7en!

So Yoo Jin

So Yoo Jin delighted fans with her new cute look and promised her fans she would make her husband Baek Jong Won try it out next time.

Jung Ryeo Won

Jung Ryeo Won vehemently shakes her head in disagreement with her new look!


Soyou also doesn’t seem quite satisfied with her changed appearance as she comments, “It’s somewhat funny yet disgusting.”

Baek Jong Won

So Yoo Jin kept her end of the bargain as she made her husband use the filter to change into a star chef baby!

KNK’s Seoham

Check out Seoham brightly smile as he transforms into an adorable baby boy!

Oh Sang Jin

The announcer posted a photo of himself with a baby face and commented that he regretted not shaving his face before using the filter.

Weki Meki’s Ji Suyeon & Choi Yoojung

Just like Jeon Somi, the girls are fascinated with their chubby, round cheeks!

Super Junior’s Shindong

Shindong can’t help but laugh at his baby face and asks, “Who are you?”

Park Myung Soo

The comedian looks rather adorable as a baby!

Hwang Shin Hye

It looks like this filter really is the trend with the veteran actress trying it out herself.

WINNER’s Song Mino, Kang Seung Yoon, & Lee Seung Hoon

The three members of WINNER gifted their fans with laughter as they transformed into babies themselves.

T-ara’s Hyomin

The idol posed with a cheerful smile as she asked herself, “How much weight do I have to lose to turn into you?”

Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo

The veteran idol introduced himself as, “I’m Lee Min Woo in the 7th grade and class 28 from Shinhwa Elementary School.”

Pyo Ye Jin

Pyo Ye Jin uploaded her baby face on her Instagram account while laughing as she admitted, “I don’t look like this though…”

ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo & JinJin

ASTRO members Cha Eun Woo and JinJin both had fun with the filter.


Ailee looks adorable as she asks, “Who ate my last bite of gogi [meat]?!?”

TWICE’s Nayeon

TWICE’s Nayeon also joined in the fun and laughed as she made baby noises.

Which celebrities’ baby faces left the biggest impression on you?

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