NCT 127 Members Share Thoughts On EXO’s Enlistment, Visiting Their Hometowns While On Tour, And More

NCT 127 has returned with “Superhuman”!

On May 24, NCT 127 hosted a press conference to commemorate the release of the group’s fourth mini album “NCT #127 We Are Superhuman” in Seoul.

During the press conference, the NCT 127 members talked about their recent world tour, during which they traveled to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and other countries.

Yuta said, “We hosted concerts in 20 different countries. We plan to have more in the future.” Johnny stated, “We went to my hometown, Chicago. When I was a trainee, I used to joke around with the members saying that we should go to my house. This time, I was actually able to take them to my home. It was a refreshing experience.” Taeyong added, “The day [we spent] in Chicago was very emotional.”

Mark shared, “The concerts in Toronto and Vancouver were meaningful to me. It was the first time I visited Canada in a long time. I was thankful for being able to have concerts [in Canada]. It was comforting.”

Yuta commented, “We also went to Osaka. While holding concerts, I grew even more fond of NCT 127. I also realized how solid our teamwork is.” Taeyong concluded, “I did not think we would be able to have a tour like this before my debut. I could do nothing but show my gratitude while on the tour. I was very thankful to NCTizen (NCT’s fandom name).”

The members also talked about appearing and performing on American television shows including “Good Morning America,” “Strahan and Sara,” and “The Late Late Show With James Corden.”

Taeil said, “We performed without having any regrets. We were very proud [of ourselves], and it was rewarding.” Doyoung stated, “I do not think it’s easy for Koreans to even make an appearance [on American shows]. I thought it was going to be difficult due to the language barrier. However, I was able to participate in various games and enjoy without having to understand English.”

The members then talked about their newest title track “Superhuman.” Jaehyun explained, “The track suggests that anyone can be a ‘superhuman.’ I hope many people will gain energy [from the track].” Yuta shared, “I think we are able to become ‘superhuman’ thanks to our fans. To be honest, we get exhausted sometimes. However, we gather strength by thinking about our fans.” Jungwoo added, “Thanks to the love of our fans, we were able to become ‘superhuman.’ I also think the teamwork between us is our superpower.”

NCT 127 also shared their thoughts on the upcoming military enlistments for their labelmate senior EXO, with Xiumin having already enlisted on May 7. Doyoung commented, “Instead of feeling pressure, we will try our best to continue to show improvement. I believe many fans will like that.

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