Watch: VIXX Celebrates 7th Debut Anniversary With Fun Missions And Sweet Messages

VIXX has celebrated their seventh debut anniversary with a fun video and heartfelt messages to fans!

On May 24, VIXX’s official Twitter account posted several photos to celebrate the group’s anniversary. In the pictures, the members were asked to pick one thing that they thought they did well over the course of their career.

Ken wrote, “Becoming VIXX’s Ken and gradually improving. And at the center of that are our Starlight babies and the members.”

He also posted a letter in which he thanked Starlight for their constant support and love. He wrote, “Our Starlight babies who are always so lovable and warmhearted~~ Our Starlight babies who are always sincerely loving, worrying over, comforting, and supporting us~~ Our Starlight babies who always pretend to be healthy even when they’re sick and tell us that we did well while coughing like fools so we don’t become worried~ Thank you so so much for being with us during these seven years. Thank you so so much for supporting us during these seven years. I was so happy because you loved us during these seven years. And I love you so so much. I think I was able to have so many memories I’m thankful for and so many great memories because I was with the members and Starlight~!! Thank you so so much and I love you so much~!!”

Hyuk answered, “Debuting as a member of VIXX!”

Ravi said, “Rather than talking about a specific moment, [I’m proud of] the moments I’ve had with fans, and I’m happiest and proudest of constantly working hard to get here.”

The group also tweeted, “[Our] precious light and VIXX, happy seventh anniversary!”

N celebrated the group’s anniversary with a video message from the military. He remarked, “Congratulations, Starlight! And our members, congratulations! Although I can’t be there for VIXX’s seventh year anniversary, please don’t forget that I am always there in my heart, and I hope that you’ll be there for our eighth, 10th, and 100th debut anniversary.”

In a video posted on the group’s official YouTube channel, the members were given missions to make a birthday meal and answer questions on how well they know each other. In the clip, the members enjoy a meal of japchae, seawood soup, bulgogi, and cake and attempt to answer several quiz questions.

Watch the video below!

The group made their debut on May 24, 2012 with their single “Super Hero.”

Happy seventh anniversary to both VIXX and Starlight!

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