Jannabi’s Yoo Young Hyun Leaves Band After Admitting To Reports Of School Violence

Jannabi’s agency has issued an official response after one of its members was swept up in a school violence controversy.

Previously, an anonymous poster accused Yoo Young Hyun of being a school bully. The poster stated they had belatedly learned that Yoo Young Hyun was a member of Jannabi, which shocked them because they had originally enjoyed the band’s music. They added that as a child, they were often teased for being a slow speaker, and Yoo Young Hyun had often teased the victim with lighters, covered their face with plastic bags, and played around with their locker.

The poster also revealed that they had transferred schools and received mental treatment in hopes of forgetting about this situation, but hearing Jannabi’s music in cafes and other public places was painful for them.

On May 24, the agency posted an official statement that reads as follows:

Hello. This is Jannabi’s agency Peponi Music.

We would first like to sincerely apologize for causing concern in regards to the school violence controversy involving Jannabi member Yoo Young Hyun.

We confirmed the facts with Yoo Young Hyun himself in regards to the school violence controversy, and Yoo Young Hyun has acknowledged his mistake.

Yoo Young Hyun deeply regrets his mistakes and is reflecting on his actions. He has decided to take full responsibility for his past wrongdoings, and he will be suspending future activities. Yoo Young Hyun will voluntarily leave Jannabi for a period of self-reflection.

Furthermore, Yoo Young Hyun will sincerely apologize and seek forgiveness [from the victim], and the other Jannabi members will also seek forgiveness in any possible way from the person affected by this.

We once again bow our heads in apology for causing concern and worrying fans who give their affection and support.

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