Choo Sarang’s Family Gives Tour Of Beautiful Home In Hawaii

On the May 24 episode of “My Little Television,” Yano Shiho and her daughter Choo Sarang revealed their home in Hawaii!

Yano Shiho and her husband Choo Sung Hoon recently moved with Choo Sarang to Hawaii for her education.

On “My Little Television,” Yano Shiho invited interpreter Woo Ji Seok to their home so they could do a live broadcast for the show, and they gave him a tour.

Their apartment features a stunning interior and a beautiful view of the ocean.

Woo Ji Seok and Yano Shiho sat down to chat before their broadcast, and he asked her if it’s hard to raise Choo Sarang. As Choo Sarang made a funny face in front of the camera and jumped on the sofa around her, Yano Shiho laughed and said, “Sarang has so much energy, so it’s fun but a little bit hard.”

Choo Sarang charmed many viewers during their broadcast with her cute energy, as well as her big smile with her missing front teeth.

She also showed off her English skills when Yano Shiho asked what she was planning to do that day! “Yoga, cooking, play, something special!” she said, delighting her mother and viewers.

The mother-daughter team then did yoga together for the broadcast.

Choo Sarang and her father Choo Sung Hoon were regular cast members of the popular KBS 2TV variety show “The Return of Superman” from 2013 to 2016.

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