Singer Mose Shares Angry Post After Being Hit By A Drunk Driver

Mose revealed that he was the victim of a drunk driving accident.

On May 23, Mose uploaded a post on Instagram.

The singer began, “I can’t fall asleep. Yesterday, a backache and migraine bothered me all night and my back joined in today. I’ve been admitted to the hospital many times, and I’ve been injured and hurt more than this before, but I don’t think it’s ever been as difficult as this time. I think it’s because I’m so angry this time, since everything became twisted, and none of it was my fault.”

He continued, “It’s a long story… But I, after having given up singing, decided to sing again at the suggestion of my agency’s CEO. Just in time, I was offered to appear on a concert-format program called ‘Backyard’ (literal title) in mid-June and was going to show everyone a new song. I think it’s become impossible for me to show everyone the new song due to this accident. I wanted to show everyone my new self after turning over a new leaf, but I’m worried I won’t be able to show you an acceptable appearance, let alone the public broadcast performance for the new song on ‘Backyard’ scheduled for next week.”

Mose added, “Right now, I’m so angry, but I’m also worried that my passion will die down when my anger dies down as well. On top of this, I think I’m going to lose my precious car, and I don’t think my insurance wants to restore everything to how it was before. They probably can’t and don’t want to restore things to how they were before. If I were to meet the perpetrator who caused this accident, my hand might be raised because I’m so angry. I don’t know why I have to experience this kind of situation without any wrongdoing… Really… If there’s anyone who reads this long post… Please don’t drink and drive.”

He wrote the hashtags “Mose,” “new song release,” “fail,” “drunk driving,” “accident,” “damage repair,” “impossible,” and “anger.” He concluded by saying, “Mini Cooper,” “Countryman,” “JCW,” “frozen black,” and “I’ll forgive you a little if you bring this car, undamaged, to me.”

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Mose debuted in 2005 and is well-known for his song “It’s Love.”

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