Shin Hye Sun Leaves Viewers Shook With Her Acting In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”

Shin Hye Sun awed viewers with her acting on the latest episode of her new drama!

The actress is currently starring in KBS 2TV’s new fantasy romance drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” as Lee Yeon Seo, a privileged heiress who is forced to give up her dreams of becoming a ballet dancer after losing her eyesight. Although Lee Yeon Seo doesn’t believe in love, an unwaveringly optimistic, accident-prone angel named Dan (played by INFINITE’s L) hopes to change her mind by becoming her very own Cupid.


During the drama’s second episode, which aired on May 23, Shin Hye Sun stunned viewers with her masterful portrayal of Lee Yeon Seo experiencing a complex array of emotions at the funeral of Jo Seung Hwan (played by Jang Hyun Sung).

On the previous episode of the drama, Lee Yeon Seo and Jo Seung Hwan were involved in a fatal car crash on their way home. Although Dan intervened and managed to save Lee Yeon Seo’s life, the dancer fell into despair once she woke up at the hospital and learned that Jo Seung Hwan had passed away in the accident.

Refusing to believe the devastating news, Lee Yeon Seo insisted, “I’m going to see it for myself. Before then, I won’t believe it.” Then, even though she was still recovering from her own injuries, she left the hospital in order to attend Jo Seung Hwan’s funeral.

Upon arriving at the funeral, Lee Yeon Seo initially became paralyzed with grief as she stood before Jo Seung Hwan’s funeral portrait. However, after suddenly remembering that before his death, Jo Seung Hwan had told her, “I want to see your sparkling smile one more time,” Lee Yeon Seo tearfully forced herself to put on a smile in order to grant Jo Seung Hwan his final wish.

Although her unusual behavior caused onlookers to murmur amongst themselves, with some commenting, “She must be crazy,” Lee Yeon Seo continued to smile as she faced Jo Seung Hwan’s photograph with tears in her eyes. After seeing the episode, viewers of the drama reported that Shin Hye Sun’s emotional acting during the scene had been both heartbreaking and goosebump-inducing at the same time.

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