Hyolyn’s Agency Responds To Accusations Of School Bullying

Hyolyn’s agency has spoken up about the recent claims about Hyolyn’s alleged past as a school bully.

Recently, someone uploaded a post on an online community claiming to be the victim of school violence perpetrated by Hyolyn.

The alleged victim explained that during the three years of middle school, Hyolyn had habitually taken her clothes and money and assaulted her at an apartment playground. She also claimed, “[Hyolyn] would make my friend meet her at a karaoke room and hit her head with the mic. When she hit her, she always made sure that [my friend] would hit her back, so that it became mutual.”

“At the time, I was scared of retaliation, so I couldn’t tell [the police], and I just waited for graduation,” she stated, adding that she continues to suffer from the memories of the time.

As evidence, she revealed Hyolyn’s graduation photos as well as messages shared between herself and her friend from middle school.

In response to the post, Hyolyn’s agency released the following statement:

Hello, this is Hyolyn’s agency bridʒ.

We have seen the online post about Hyolyn, and we are confirming the facts as Hyolyn’s memory of the incident from 15 years ago is unclear.

In addition, we are planning to personally meet the person who uploaded the post and claims to have been a victim, and we will do our best to resolve the issue.

We apologize for causing concern.

Following the agency’s statement, the alleged victim added to her post, “The article about her agency’s position has been released. I heard that she’s coming to see me. I don’t have the confidence to see those scary eyes. It will suffice to receive an apology through a phone call and for her to personally release a statement and reflect on herself. I sent her another message through social media, but I haven’t gotten a response. Please sincerely apologize through a call.”

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