Former Girl Group Member Takes The Stage For The First Time In 4 Years On “The King Of Mask Singer”

The identity of Sangam MBC was unveiled on “The King of Mask Singer”!

On the May 26 episode, Sangam MBC stepped onto the stage wearing a blue dress. After losing to Yangpyeong Dumulmeori during the first round after their duet performance of Park Jin Young and Sunye’s “Farewell Under the Sun,” she remained on stage to reveal her identity to Jessi’s “Life is Good.”


Sangam MBC was revealed to be Secret’s Jung Hana!

Jung Hana emotionally said, “Hello, it’s former Zinger and present day Jung Hana. It is my first time standing on stage in four years, so I began to tear up. My dream is still to be a singer. I missed it. I was thankful many people didn’t forget me. I am happy.”

After the broadcast, Jung Hana shared photos from her dressing room. She said, “Sangam MBC on ‘The King of Mask Singer’ was me, Jung Hana. I was nervous, excited, and happy more than anything to stand on stage for the first time in awhile. Thank you so much to the senior artists and staff who warmly welcomed me. MBC, which has made me into who I am since Zinger Time, I love you.”

Secret debuted as a four-member group in 2009. After Han Sun Hwa left the group and agency TS Entertainment in 2016, the three remaining members continued to promote together. In 2018, Song Ji Eun and Hyosung also departed from the agency and filed lawsuits to confirm the invalidity of their contracts.

Watch Jung Hana on “The King of Mask Singer” below!

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