Queen Of Style: BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Off-Duty Outfits To Inspire Your Wardrobe

Here’s a little game for you. Close your eyes and picture yourself as an idol. Whose wardrobe would you like to own? Not gonna lie, when I do this, multiple options come to my mind, but BLACKPINK’s Lisa is without a doubt one of the first three I think of. Lisa has a very special talent in dressing simple but always in style. She’s devoted to jeans, and she pairs them with anything and everything. Her mix of urban pieces and relaxed silhouettes brings together some enviable OOTDs, and we’re here for it. On stage? A total goddess. On the streets? The queen of street style. Here are some of our favorite outfits Lisa wore while off-duty that we wish we could wear in such a stylish way as she does.

Chic-Casual In Amsterdam

Oversized and Lisa’s wardrobe go hand-in-hand. If there’s someone who knows how to style a boyfriend-cut piece of clothing, it’s definitely Lisa. Denim and black — a combo for the win — with a statement bag and a focus on relaxed silhouettes. That’s all Lisa needed to do here in order to accomplish a killer look.

Coachella Ready

While her outfits for BLACKPINK’s Coachella stages were all about the sparkles, Lisa went for more of a festival OOTD as a festival attendee. Lace crop top, ladylike cargo pants, and of course lots of accessories to seal the deal. Simple yet flawless as always, all while rocking one of her fave accessories: chunky sneakers.

All Black, All Right

While Lisa surely loves color, she can also rock a monochromatic black outfit. It’s all in the details! A long, heavy black coat paired with black skinny jeans becomes a look for the books when she adds clear aviator lenses and of course her favorites: Balenciaga sneakers. Plus, let’s face it, Lisa knows how to use her gorgeous hair as a plus to her looks, and this is the perfect example.

’70s Inspo

Oversized camel coat, wide leg blue jeans, high-neck white sweater, high ponytail, long bangs…this look screams ’70s all over, and we love it. How does Lisa add her own signature to it? Chunky sneakers. Isn’t this an outfit you’d like to have in your own closet? Because I definitely would.

Yellow Feels

The queen of turning a simple, relaxed airport look into a statement. Simple straight jeans and chunky sneakers — Lisa’s signature — paired with a bright, yellow, I-bet-super-comfy sweatshirt. The perfect outfit to wear on the plane while still looking fab and catching everyone’s eye on the way.

Take Me To The Beach

While yes, she’s wearing shorts underneath, Lisa has the power to turn long shirts into dresses and make them look so good, we just can’t contain ourselves. A simple, beach themed pink shirt becomes a fashion icon when Lisa wears it before jumping on a plane. Paired with bright cherry lips, a chic Chanel bag, and her ginger hair, this look is one we will definitely be trying out this summer.

Bundle Up In Style

While most of us look like a teddy bear or a fabric burrito when bundling up during winter, Lisa is a layers expert. Oversized everything — jeans, sweatshirt, coat — and yes, you guessed right, chunky sneakers, Lisa makes winter look stylish even on the coldest days.

Go Green!

While we’re mostly used to see her rocking jeans and/or denim shorts, Lisa definitely has a thing for A-Line skirts, and this is proof of it. A look more on the ladylike side, but still so true to her personal style: mini-skirt, oversized cropped sweater, and white sneakers make the perfect spring look, and we can’t wait to see what else Lisa has in store for the season!


Who else can rock a matchy two-piece set like this one the way Lisa does? Just a few people. Who can do it while attending Coachella? No one but her. This set is one for the ages, and I may or may not be trying to find out how and where to get it ASAP. A multifaceted outfit that’s not only chic and avant-garde, but also comfortable and simple in a stylish way.

Details, Details, Details

This look has been tattooed to my memories since the first time I saw it. While at first sight it seems very simple, it’s full of little details! The holes and tiny prints on the shirt, the delicate accessories and jewelry, the full-white converse sneakers and, my favorite, the ties on the side of the waist replacing the middle-part button. One for the books without a doubt.

Sporty Chic All The Way

Another favorite and with good reasons. This look screams Lisa all over the place. Sporty, comfy, featuring chunky sneakers, black demin shorts, Adidas crop, and her long locks taking the lead. One of Lisa’s most representative outfits for sure.

All Denim All The Way

Remember how I mentioned Lisa loves to turn long tops into dresses? Well, here’s another piece of proof. She recently showed up at the airpot rocking this long denim jacket as a short dress, and we’re obsessed. Paired with fuchsia Balenciaga socks and white sneakers, this outfit is so simple yet so stunning, we can’t wait to see what else she’s planning for the summer.

Do you have a favorite, Soompiers? Which of these outfits would you like to own yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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