Yeo Jin Goo’s Best Moments In “Absolute Boyfriend” That Captured Viewers’ Hearts

Yeo Jin Goo has definitely left an impression on viewers in SBS’s “Absolute Boyfriend.”

“Absolute Boyfriend” is about special effects makeup artist Uhm Da Da (played by Girl’s Day’s Minah) and the romance that begins when she meets Zero Nine (played by Yeo Jin Goo), a humanoid robot built to be the perfect boyfriend.

Acting as an android programmed for love can be difficult, but Yeo Jin Goo pulls it off with his stellar acting and even adds the perfect rom-com touch. Here are three times he swept viewers off their feet as Zero Nine.

1. Yeo Jin Goo’s perfect smile in a car crash

Zero Nine’s first kiss with Uhm Da Da was a crucial moment in their relationship not only because it was their first kiss, but also because Zero Nine was programmed to recognize the first person he kisses as his girlfriend and henceforth to pour love onto her. After their kiss, she runs away believing that she is being chased as some sort of criminal while he chases after her. In his pursuit, a car comes out of nowhere and hits him. Though he is in midair due to the impact of the car, he wears a bright smile and even extends a hand in greeting as his system shuts down.

2. His day-to-night transformation

Zero Nine showed that he is a robot that can pull off any kind of boyfriend when he began to live with Uhm Da Da during his one-week dating mode. Compared to his sweet smiles during the day, his programming completely transforms him at night. With his manly gaze, he swept Uhm Da Da in his powerful arms and told her, “Girlfriend, I’m a robot made for dating. Why do you think I was made? Are you going to sleep alone?”

3. Yeo Jin Goo’s heartfelt confession

Towards the end of his one-week trial run, Zero Nine became discouraged as Uhm Da Da did not hold him back from leaving. However, he was reunited with her when Kronos Heaven pursued him to a port in Incheon and she heard he was in danger. Standing in torrential rain, Uhm Da Da handed him an umbrella, and he said to her, “At midnight tonight, my one-week trial will end. The trial will conclude in five minutes, and my system will begin to reset itself. That means all my memories of you will disappear. What are you going to do? Are you going to turn off the system or are you going to continue?”

The production staff stated, “Those on set are always in awe of Yeo Jin Goo’s acting that perfectly portrays the humanoid caught between being a robot and being a human. Yeo Jin Goo’s ‘full version relationship’ (as opposed to a trial version) that naturally goes back and forth from comedy to romance will become even sweeter. Please look forward to it.”

“Absolute Boyfriend” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 p.m. KST.

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