Watch: GOT7 Switches Parts For “Eclipse” + Things Get A Little Chaotic

Updated May 28 KST:

GOT7 released a new dance practice video for “Eclipse”! Following their first version directed by Jackson featuring the guys in astronaut suits and the second (below) that included them switching parts, this new video showcases the choreography with a more serious take.

Check it out below!

Original Article:

GOT7 has shared a fun new dance video for “Eclipse“!

On May 28, GOT7 dropped a part-switch dance practice video for their latest title track, in which the seven members attempt to perform the choreography to “Eclipse” after switching parts at random.

The video begins with the GOT7 members greeting their fans, before Yugyeom jokingly announces, “Today, we’ll be changing parts for the first time in a long while. Please take note of how much of a disaster this becomes.”

BamBam asks the members to pick their new parts out of a box, but Jackson decides to speed things up by grabbing all the papers with the members’ names and throwing them up in the air. After all the members have chosen their new parts, Mark asks, “Wait, what if we end up with our own part?”

BamBam replies, “There’s nothing we can do about it. Last time, when we did this for ‘Look,’ I got myself.” Yugyeom interjects, “What about this? If one of us gets himself, then he has to go really hard while dancing.” The other members agree, then unfold their papers to find out whom they’ve chosen.

Mark ends up covering BamBam’s part, while Youngjae covers Mark’s, JB covers Jinyoung‘s, BamBam covers JB’s, Jackson covers Youngjae’s, and Jinyoung covers Jackson’s. To Yugyeom’s dismay, he finds out that he has selected his own part and will have to dance even more passionately than usual.

GOT7 then jumps into a slightly chaotic—but definitely hilarious—version of “Eclipse.” Check out their new part-switch video below!

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