HyunA Reassures Fans After Slipping On Stage During Festival Performance

On May 30, HyunA performed at a music festival held at Cheongju University.

During a performance of her song “Red,” however, she slipped on the stage and hit her head on the floor. She got up right away and continued the performance as if nothing had happened.

Later, she took to Instagram and wrote, “I got a CT scan on my head and an X-ray on my wrist at the emergency room. They say that everything’s fine, so don’t worry! I am very sturdy.” The accompanying photo shows a slight abrasion on her cheek where she may have hit the floor.

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She also posted a photo of her prescription and added, “They say that I’ll be fine as long as I take this medicine for 3 days, so really don’t worry. I’m sorry for making you worry.”

HyunA then posted clips of herself performing at the festival and enjoying the music and the response from the crowd.

Last month, it was revealed that HyunA was one of the most requested performers for university festivals, which take place twice a year. She, Jessi, and Hyojong (E’Dawn) recently signed under PSY’s new label, P NATION.

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