Rapper Swings Apologizes After People Get Hurt During His Festival Performance

Rapper Swings has apologized after it was reported that he caused an accident during his performance at a festival at Jeonghwa Arts University.

On May 29, an anonymous post was uploaded online about the performance. After Swings began his performance, he gestured for the students sitting down to come forward toward the stage. To the people who were in charge of managing the stage he said, “I will take care of it.” However, the standing lights began to tilt from the stress, and a few of the students tripped and got hurt.

When one of the festival managers tried to stop Swings, he replied, “Are you a teacher? I’ll deal with it. Can you grab that [a tilted light fixture]?” When the manager said that the students couldn’t get hurt, Swings said, “I will talk to the kid who got hurt when I finish my performance. Okay?”

The anonymous poster wrote angrily, “The students who were filming at the bottom of the stage got hurt very badly. The accident happened because of him, and some people even had to be carried away, but he continued his performance.”

Swings had previously uploaded a post to his Instagram stories of a clip that someone had filmed of his performance at the university festival with the caption, “You should’ve filmed until the end, the end was really cool.”

On May 30, Swings took to Instagram Live to explain his take on the situation. He said, “When I take the stage, there are many times when I get excited during a performance and tell people to come forward. Yesterday, many students fell over and there was one student who was hurt. When I saw that, I told them that I was sorry, that I had made a mistake, and that I would apologize. The situation wrapped up there, and I watched one of the hurt students leave the stage area and what I said at the time was that I would check on them later.”

Referring to his altercation with one of the managers, he said, “Our communications were crossed. The light fixture was leaning dangerously so I asked them to grab it, but the anonymous post made it sound like I was making fun of the situation. I did not say anything like what the poster wrote. I thanked everyone and apologized to everyone, and did three encores. My rule is that people should become fans of me after watching my performances.”

Swings continued, “I met with one of the hurt students later. They had injured their leg and neck a little and I was deeply sorry. About five people went to the hospital, and I am going to meet them now. I am deeply apologetic to my fans. Although my goal to put on fun performances hasn’t changed, I have realized that safety is paramount. I don’t like people getting hurt because of me. If the students who were hurt are watching this, I am so sorry.”

He concluded, “In the interests of a sincere apology, I want to make a suggestion. If Jeonghwa Arts University has a fall or summer festival, I will appear for free. I want to wrap this up with a good memory. I will empty my schedule in the fall, so if it’s okay with everyone, I will give another performance.”

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