Berry Good’s Daye Posts Personal Statement Denying Allegations Of School Bullying

Berry Good member Daye has written a statement regarding the recent allegations made against her.

A post was uploaded online on May 28 that accused Daye (whose real name is Kim Hyun Jung) of being a bully in school. Her agency responded by denying the accusations and stating plans to take legal action.

Someone else then came forward to say that she had been bullied by Daye. In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly” in the May 31 episode of the show, she stated that according to her memory, when she was in 13 years old in 2012, she was surrounded by a group of eight people including Daye. She stated that the group looked through the photos she’d taken with her friends and mocked them. She also said her friends were sworn at for no reason by Daye as they were just walking by, and they were told to keep their heads down.

She said that while she’d wanted to forget the memory, she saw that Daye had responded to the first person by stating plans to take legal action. She was angered by this and decided to upload her own post. “I really hope she will apologize,” she said. “It’s not that I want to come to an agreement and receive money; I want her to reflect and apologize.”

“Entertainment Weekly” reported that Daye’s agency responded by saying that a younger sibling of Daye’s friend had been ostracized severely by the person who wrote the post, and the incident had happened as retaliation. Daye stated that she had not been there during this event, and that she did not know the person.

Later that day, Daye uploaded a statement to respond to the recent accusations. Her full statement is as follows:

Hello, this is Berry Good’s Daye.

Firstly, I’ve been searching several times each day for every malicious comment, article, reply, and post on Nate Pann written by those claiming to be a victim, and I read them and have thought a lot.

Above all, many people have been hurt by these incidents, including my family, friends, and those around me. It even made me wonder if I was a perpetrator worthy of evoking such serious criticism. So because of my various thoughts, I wasn’t able to do anything or say anything.

I am writing this to quickly acknowledge what is true and to correct what is unfair and false.

In regards to the first person who claims to be a victim, I have never committed violence towards them, and I have never even joked with them to the point that they might feel sexual humiliation, as they said.

It’s true that at the time in the sixth grade, the person who claims to be a victim and I had a fight over something trivial. As I was angry about that, I went to their home to try to come to a solution about the incident, and I received an apology.

We even reconciled about this while we were in elementary school. Also, it wasn’t a case where I one-sidedly approached and tormented her; there was a clear context. Due to our conflict with each other we got in a verbal argument over something trivial. After this incident was resolved, I never one-sidedly tormented or was violent towards the person claiming to be a victim.

In a few posts, there are people saying that I transferred schools a lot, and that the reasons were that I was forced to transfer or that it was to clear my image. However, I can say that my student record is clean.

I frequently changed schools because we moved or because of my father’s work since the time I was in kindergarten, and while I was in high school, I transferred due to situations related to my life as a trainee such as the dorms and training.

The claims of the poster are to the level that there would have had to have been a committee held about school violence. And a part that raises doubt is why they didn’t come find me before and request an apology if they have so angry with me for 10 years, as they write in their post. I feel that what they truly want to achieve through criticizing me with others through this kind of post is not an apology for the pain they’ve experienced, but rather to just negatively affect my activities and bring pain.

As they wrote the post anonymously and hid their personal information, I have not been able to make any apologies or ask any questions. If they really desire an apology and want to straighten out the things they remember from elementary school, I respectfully request that they at any time send me a message and personally reveal their identity.

People have even gone to the personal social media accounts of people who have written posts for me to explain and protect me. They have uploaded screen captures and written ‘Even the friends of Kim Hyun Jung are low class’ and revealed their names, faces, and identities. I think the act of uploading this, and also of adding false information in posts based on one-sided memories and claiming they’re the truth, is undeniably another crime.

In regards to the second person who wrote an additional post claiming to be a victim, this is something I have a clear memory of as well.

To explain everything, my friend’s younger sibling was bullied severely by the person claiming to be a victim. They committed violence and also filmed offensive videos and threatened them by saying they would erase them in exchange for money. Their money was taken several times. The things the writer claimed in their post to have been a victim of are the exact things they did themselves.

It was an incident in which my close friends, who could not stand seeing their friend suffering so much psychologically, went together to retaliate in the same way in order to help their friend.

I wasn’t there when the violence happened, and I remember that there was a report filed about the incident so a committee on school violence was held. At the time, the people who committed violence each admitted to their mistakes and received strict punishments and disciplinary actions, and the incident came to a close.

I can say that I don’t even know the face of the person who wrote this, as I wasn’t there at the time, and my school record is also clean. Due to this post by someone who claims to be a one-sided victim, people around me who are working hard in their lives have had their identities exposed and family members are being hurt.

I will take strong legal action against posts written with the intention of causing harm instead of hoping for a sincere apology by publicizing things that have not been confirmed to be true. As for the people who are claiming to be victims, I said this above but I respectfully request that you share your contact information and personal information through a private message. Through a conversation, I will quickly acknowledge and apologize in regards to the parts that are to be apologized for. I express my apologies to the many people who were hurt through this, including my family, colleagues, the staff at my company, and members, as well as apologize for evoking criticism and causing concern.

I hope that there will be no further harm done through such use of societal pressure and a lack of going through legal procedures. Also, as I said above, if there is further damage, I plan to respond strongly through legal action.

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