“Produce X 101” Trainees Name The Most Handsome Visual Center Contestants

Trainee trainee on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

On the May 31 episode of Mnet’s “Produce X 101,” the contestants momentarily put competition aside to fanboy over some of the most handsome “visual center” trainees.

TOP Media’s Kim Woo Seok and Jellyfish Entertainment’s Kim Min Kyu were the top two nominees. Hearing this, Kim Woo Seok said, “Really? I love you guys.” Maroo Entertainment’s Lee Tae Seung explained, “He has this aura that says, ‘I’m the top out of 101 people.'” Other trainees chimed in with praises about how good he looks no matter what he does, his small face, sharp nose, cherry lips, and even likened him to an anime character or a prince.

Kim Woo Seok replied, “When you combine 101 trainees with Woo Seok, it equals love.”

About Kim Min Kyu, Kiwi Media Group trainee Kim Hyeong Min said, “I’ve never someone who looks as classy as him.” Other trainees called him a “face genius” who looked as if he had popped out of an anime with beautiful eyes and a beautiful nose. They added that he looks even sexier and hotter when he dresses up.

As a result, Kim Min Kyu was named the top “visual center” of “Produce X 101.” The Jellyfish Entertainment trainee commented in disbelief, “Me?” Really?” Wow, I was chosen? No way. Thank you.”

OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yo Han came in third, and he commented, “I’m suddenly about to be in a good mood.” Maroo Entertainment’s Lee Jin Woo said, “I don’t know if it’s because he did taekwondo, but he’s a bit cool,” and even copied some of his moves.

Receiving attention for his looks even before the show began to air, Woollim Entertainment’s Cha Jun Ho achieved fourth place. iME Korea trainee Lee Se Jin commented, “His nose bridge is really pretty. There’s handsomeness in his shy facial expression.”

Fifth place went to Starship Entertainment’s Koo Jung Mo, who was recognized for his pure looks. Gost Agency’s Yun Hyun Jo added, “He matches well with sexy things and fits any concept” and Lee Jun Hyuk commented, “His mouth is sexy.”

Plan A Entertainment’s Choi Byung Chan was named the sixth most handsome trainee. Music Works’s Kim Kook Heon praised his height, looks, and dimples. Other top trainees included Starship Entertainment’s Song Hyung Joon in seventh place, Brand New Music’s Lee Eun Sang in eighth place, Vine Entertainment’s Baek Jin in ninth place, Woollim Entertainment’s Hwang Yun Seong in 10th place, and ESteem’s Yuri in 11th place.

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