Block B’s Park Kyung Discusses His New Song And Shares Thoughts About His Own Music

Block B’s Park Kyung talked about his music in a recent interview.

The artist recently returned with a new single titled “Gwichanist.” He shared, “I woke up in the morning, went out to the living room and sat on the couch, and I felt like I really didn’t want to do anything that day. I thought there were a lot of people who felt like me at this moment, and I started working on the song, thinking that maybe people would find it relatable.” Then he added, “It was supposed to be released in January, but after supplementing the lacking parts, it was released in May.”

The song, which is based on real jazz and hip-hop, is complete with real musical instruments, unlike the music that Park Kyung has been performing. Starting with drums, bass and guitar, the process of creating a sum of sounds is a point of appreciation of the song. The second half saxophone solo part is the highlight of the song.

Park Kyung explained, “I worked hard to combine the lyrics with the melody. I tried to give it a scene. There’s a saxophone solo in the second half of the song, and I thought, ‘I don’t know what the outside is like. Let’s go out.’ And then there’s a saxophone sound. I tried to create a scene where I was going out, and when I came back inside, I created a setup where all the sounds of the instrument died.”

Although he created a song about feeling lazy, Park Kyung shared that he’s not actually like that. He shared, “It depends on my condition, but when I’m hungover, I can’t help but become a ‘gwichanist’.”

It is understandable for Park Kyung to hope to top the charts, since he has done that several times both as a member of Block B and a solo artist. However, he humbly commented, “I just wish there is no loss. There are songs that bring a lot of fun at once, and there are songs that give you quiet joy. If songs like ‘Ordinary Love,’ ‘Inferiority Complex,’ and ‘Yesterday’ are the first, then my album that was released under the name Harmonics at the age of 18 that is still receiving love belongs to the latter. Actually, all of my songs are filial, but I hope I don’t lose as much money as I spent on ‘Gwichanist’.”

As an older idol with more experience, the competition can be tough, and the road ahead of him may be steeper given that idols tend to receive the hottest spotlight in their third to fourth years of debut. However, Park Kyung was calm and resolute in all this cold reality. At the root of this resoluteness was a firm belief in oneself.

Park Kyung shared, “A lot of singers are still making music, but it’s a pity that many of them are not known to the world. It would be nice if the results were proportionate to the effort, but the score on the chart determines the rise and fall of the album, and there are many music sources that cannot see the light in it. I’m in between, too, but I have a lot of faith in my music. I have more confidence in my music than in self-love. So, if there’s music that I think is good to listen to, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

He wasn’t so cool and calm about his music chart performance from the beginning. He admitted, “There were times when I ranked first just by producing a song due to the influence of fandom during my career. But in the process of coming out as a solo artist, I couldn’t help but have a gap.”

Lastly, Park Kyung said, “There were times when I lost my ripple effect while I was solo artist, but it’s been a while since I’ve been thinking about it. I’m happy now. It’s good to be known a lot, but these days, I think I want to be recognized by people in the same field.”

Check out Park Kyung’s music video for “Gwichanist” here!

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