Ladies’ Code Talks About Wanting To Work With BTS, Choosing Tablo As An Ideal Type, And More

Ladies’ Code shared their hopes in a new interview.

BNT International recently released photos of the girl group from their latest pictorial where they perfectly pulled off looks for funky, lovely, and sexy concepts.

In an accompanying interview, Ladies’ Code introduced their title track. “Like ‘Bad Girl’ and ‘Pretty Pretty,’ ‘Feedback‘ is a fun, bright track that’s a reinterpretation of the retro feel in a 2019 version.”

Sojung said, “I felt the value of the members a lot during my solo promotions. It’s really fun being together during rehearsals and recording. Instead of feeling nervous and stiff, it feels like we’re going to go have fun.” Choosing “Pretty Pretty” as the most memorable album, she explained, “All of our emotionless expressions are so cold and scary. We look like bad women. It was our first album and the song that I have the most love for.”

Each of the members then described their roles in the group. Ashley said she was in charge of sexiness, Zuny said she has handsomeness targeting female fans, and Sojung said saying fun things.

When asked about maintaining their bodies, Ashley replied, “I’m maintaining my figure through intermittent fasting. After maintaining an empty stomach for 16 hours, I only eat two meals a day.” Sojung added, “I take care of my body and skin with good food. I avoid flour, instant, sugar, and eat mostly vegetables.”

As for her ideal type, Ashley chose Epik High’s Tablo. “It’s really cool how he’s family-oriented, smart, and works hard at his work.” Zuny replied, “Actor Yoo Seung Ho‘s eyes which are monolids but also have inner eyelids are charming.” Sojung added, “I like that I can feel sincerity from actor Ha Jung Woo‘s acting. I also like how he eats deliciously.”

The girl group members took turns naming variety shows they want to appear on. Zuny named SBS’s “Law of the Jungle” and said that she wants to pick coconuts while climbing a coconut tree. Sojung chose tvN’s “New Journey to the West” and expressed her confidence at doing a good job as one of the bros if a female member could appear on the show. Ashley said she wants to be a server on tvN’s “Yoon’s Kitchen.”

About their solo promotions, Ashley replied, “Along with the radio that I DJ, I plan to show my everyday life through my personal YouTube channel.” She then named Lee Hyori, Simon Dominic, and Park Jae Bum as guests she wants to invite.

Zuny will appear in the upcoming KBS drama “Justice,” and added that it’s her goal to appear on at least three projects in 2019 as well as hope to work with Yoo Seung Ho. Sojung revealed that she wants to attempt a musical.

Ladies’ Code also revealed musicians they want to work with. Zuny then said that she wants to work with BTS because she’s a fan, and would like to participate even if it’s simply through a narration. Ashley named Lee Hyori and Sojung chose “Show Me the Money” rapper Loopy.

All three members concluded the interview by sharing their hope for a solo concert and a message to their fans. “A long time,” said Ladies’ Code. “You waited for a really long time. Honestly, we got worried in the middle that everyone would disappear and no one would be left. But you waited during that long time. Thank you so much.”

Check out more photos of Ladies’ Code below!


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