Watch: BLACKPINK Joins Winning Team On “Stage K” For Epic Performance Of “Kill This Love”

On the June 2 episode of JTBC’s “Stage K,” BLACKPINK appeared as guests to watch and judge dance cover teams from all over the world.

The episode featured four teams from Belgium, France, Japan, and Poland. Ahead of the performances, the BLACKPINK members shared what they were looking out for. Rosé said, “Feeling,” Jennie said, “Energy,” Jisoo said, “Teamwork,” and Lisa said, “The key point in the choreography.”

Aside from the four competitors, a group of kids put on a special “kids’ stage” to “DDU-DU DDU-DU (Remix Version).”

The team from Belgium performed BLACKPINK’s “Whistle” and Rosé commented afterward, “It was really fun and I think that I realized a lot of things while watching the performance. Thank you.”

The team from France covered “As If It’s Your Last” and Jisoo said, “I can sense that they’ve practiced a lot and they even came up with new choreography. It was so cool, I found myself thinking, ‘I want to try that choreography too.’ I thought that I should also work harder on stage.”

Lisa also complimented one of the members who took on her part in the dance and said, “You really drew everyone’s attention. I fell for you at that moment.”

The team from Japan covered “BOOMBAYAH” and Jennie said, “I want to say they’re amazing. From the beginning to the end, they kept the energy going and really focused. I admire their powerful dancing. I also think that Kaho created a good vibe. It’s not easy, but I liked their confidence.”

The team from Poland performed “Playing With Fire” and Jennie said, “This song is very feminine and you have to create pretty lines while maintaining your strength. They did a good job. I feel good because I saw a very beautiful dance.”

Jisoo also complimented them on filling the stage with only two members and said, “Now I want to try doing this dance with two of our members as well.”

The teams from Japan and Belgium moved on to the second round, in which they both performed “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” The Japanese team showcased their power and control, while the Belgian team showed off their unique groove. In the end, the team from Belgium took the final win.

As the winning team, the Belgians got to fulfill their dream and perform with BLACKPINK on the show. Check out their epic collaboration for “Kill This Love” below!

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