Kim Young Kwang, Jin Ki Joo, And More Pick Their Favorite Scenes And Lines From

Kim Young Kwang, Jin Ki Joo, Kim Jae Kyung, and Koo Ja Sung picked their favorite scenes and lines from their drama, “The Secret Life of My Secretary.”

“The Secret Life of My Secretary” is a Monday-Tuesday drama from SBS about the romance between Do Min Ik (Kim Young Kwang), a man with face blindness, and his secretary, Jung Gal Hee (Jin Ki Joo).

The drama recently passed its halfway point, airing Episode 16 (out of 32) on May 28. Viewers have been drawn not only to the love story between Jung Gal Hee and Do Min Ik, but also the storyline between Veronica Park (Kim Jae Kyung) and Ki Dae Joo (Koo Ja Sung).

Kim Young Kwang’s Pick

Kim Young Kwang picked the “bicycle scene” in Episode 13 as his favorite scene. His character, Do Min Ik, sat on the back of the bike and flailed around while Jung Gal Hee pedaled him around. Kim Young Kwang was drawn to their cute chemistry in the scene and said, “We considered for a long time how to act that out, and the director complimented us and told us it looked realistic. I was proud.”

Jin Ki Joo’s Pick

Jin Ki Joo picked all the scenes in the hotel suite room in Episode 10 as her favorite. Those scenes are when Jung Gal Hee pours out her heart to Do Min Ik, who is slightly asleep. Jin Ki Joo said, “Gal Hee thinks that no matter how cool and attractive her boss is, he will never fall in love with someone like her. I felt bad for her, but also felt great affection for her.”

Kim Jae Kyung’s Pick

Kim Jae Kyung’s favorite lines in the drama are Veronica Park’s signature catchphrases: “Hello, I’m Veronica Park” and “Awe-some!” She said, “Veronica has a bubbly, Sprite-like personality. I think that those lines show her personality well. A lot of people have been copying her catchphrase and I feel so happy when I hear that.”

Koo Ja Sung’s Pick

Koo Ja Sung picked something from Episode 15 as his favorite line: “I only buy things that will last me for over 10 years, and I only date women I can love until death.” He picked this as his favorite because it showed Veronica Park, who was trying to change the topic, how serious Ki Dae Joo was. “This line really highlighted Dae Joo’s sincerity, so it stuck around in my brain,” he said.

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