6 C-Drama And TW-Drama Pairings Whose Fiery Chemistry Left Us Wanting More

Whether it be for their amazing chemistry or lovable interactions, there are numerous C-drama and TW-drama pairings that fans would love to see reunite again on the small screen. Here are some pairings who have drawn the attention of viewers for their fiery chemistry that leaves people wanting more.

Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng

Ariel Lin is well-known for her amazing chemistry with all of her co-stars, so choosing just one proved to be a difficult decision. Ultimately, the drama pairing that has left a lasting impression belongs to her partner in “It Started With a Kiss” Joe Cheng. Their last show together, “Love or Bread” aired in 2008, but the two appeared in a reality show a few years ago that reignited numerous fans’ wishes of a drama reunion between the two friends.

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Joe Chen and Ethan Juan

Joe Chen is another actress whose chemistry with her counterparts leaves many fans enamored in the romance of the dramas she has starred in. One of Joe Chen’s most noteworthy and ratings hit belongs to no other than “Fated to Love You.” The pairing of Joe Chen and Ethan Juan made the adorable and angsty romance that much more believable and encapsulating. While both actors are taking on different projects currently, this golden pairing is definitely missed.

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Megan Lai and Baron Chen

Megan Lai’s role as Pi Ya Nuo in “Bromance” not only proved her skills in transforming into a new character but also the great partnership between her and Baron Chen, whose character Du Zi Feng falls for Ya Nuo’s charms. The drama itself contains a plethora of clichés and a wild plot, but the effortless way that these two click keeps this drama grounded and makes for an addicting romance drama. The explosive chemistry between Megan and Baron swept viewers off their feet and made this series a must-watch gender bender show.

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Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang

These two actors actually got acquainted through variety show called “Divas Hit the Road” and hoped they would get a chance to meet again through filming. Luckily, the following year, they starred opposite each other in the drama “Love O2O“! The drama created a craze and sensation for its saccharine lines and heart-fluttering scenes between the two leads. While Zheng Shuang has co-starred with a large number of amazing male leads, her chemistry with Yang Yang left a memorable impression as they made Wei Wei and Xiao Nai come to life as characters.

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Yang Mi and Mark Chao

Both Mark Chao and Yang Mi have extensive lists of works to their names, and one of their most well-known and popular dramas belong to none other than “Eternal Love.” Both of them undoubtedly shine together in this drama and need to return again as co-stars. Even with the incredibly cheesy script, the line deliveries of the actors conveyed the tragic and longing love story between Bai Qian and Ye Hua. Not only were their deliveries great but the expressiveness in their eyes and in the steamier scenes truly demonstrated just how well these two work as partners.

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Deng Lun and Yang Zi

Yang Zi and Deng Lun have an interesting relationship. Deng Lun’s debut drama also starred Yang Zi, so before coming together again in “Ashes of Love,” the pair were already well acquainted with each other! Both off-screen and on-screen, these two are noticeably comfortable with each other, which aided in recreating the epic romance between Jin Mi and Xu Feng. As the story development had countless twists and turns, Deng Lun’s and Yang Zi’s approach to their roles elevated the heart-wrenching plot and the sweet moments of the series. One can only hope that they can reunite in another series to sweep fans off their feet once more.

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Each of these pairings has heightened the dramas they have taken on with their amazing chemistry and teamwork, making these shows some of their most representative works. Furthermore, these actors have taken the romance to another level with how comfortable and believable they present the couples and the plight of the characters’ relationships to one another. Consequently, the lasting impression has led an untold number of fans to wish to see these stars reunite once more and with good reason!

Hey Soompiers, which drama pairings would you like to see reunite on the small screen? Leave your recommendations down below!

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