Apink’s Jung Eun Ji Talks About Her Income, Family, Starring In Her First Film, And More

Apink’s Jung Eun Ji shared her thoughts on various topics including her new horror movie, her family, and her careers as a singer and actress.

On June 3, the singer guested on KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show” and started off by talking about her new movie “0.0MHz.”

“It’s my first time acting in a film, and I play the role of So Hee, a girl who has spiritual powers and sees ghosts. It’s my first time having to act like I’m possessed by a spirit, and the role is a heavy one. I’ve only been showing my bright energy [when acting], so through this emotionless acting, I think I’ve opened a new door for myself.”

Park Myung Soo asked the radio show’s official question, which asks about the guest’s income. Jung Eun Ji shared, “Performances are my main source of income these days. There’s Apink, but I’m currently on a solo Asia tour.”

“[I’m earning] enough to provide for my younger brother who’s a senior in high school. My father is also providing for him, but I’m in charge of his educational expenses. I buy presents for all of my family members as well. When I release an album, my brother willingly promotes it himself, and he contacts me often to say he’s proud of me.”

Jung Eun Ji revealed that she has recently been sacrificing sleep to make songs and that she enjoys writing lyrics. “Going on a tour is so much fun. People react differently depending on the country. Recently, I was touched when [fans in] Hong Kong sang along to my songs,” she added.

She shared her hopes to maintain her careers as a singer and as an actress. “I don’t think I’d be happy if I had to choose just one of them. When people ask me to pose at press conferences, I think I’m definitely less flustered [thanks to my experience as an idol].”

In response to people comparing her to her groupmate Son Naeun, who also leads a double career as an idol and actress, Jung Eun Ji said, “We each have different things we’re good at. Naeun’s chic image is a contrast from mine. I think we’re different.”

Jung Eun Ji also mentioned a story about BLACKPINK. “When BLACKPINK first debuted, I was surprised by their group name because we were the only group with ‘pink’ in the group name at the time. I was wondering if YG was releasing a group with a pure concept, but their concept was very different. I also really like BLACKPINK’s songs.”

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