5 U.S. Films As Concepts We’d Love To See K-Pop Girl Groups Slay In

K-pop music videos are never short on creativity and complex choreographies, but what if they drew inspiration from some of the most iconic U.S. films? Excited would be an understatement. Here are five U.S. films as music video concepts we want to see girl groups slay in.

1. “Men In Black”

Talking dogs and talking aliens who blend in as humans? Who doesn’t like science fiction music videos where nothing is what it seems? Imagine your favorite girl group members dancing in tailored black suits with talking animal friends and saving the world. The synchronized kicks, light taps to their shades, and mysterious smiles. We also can’t wait to see the klutzy member touching the wrong thing and tripping a trap on another planet. It was only a matter of time.

As the music video ends and it seems that the MIB agents have saved the day yet again while looking effortlessly cool, your bias morphs into an extraterrestrial and the leader puts on her shades and erases your memory.


Never has YouTube streaming been this easy!

2. “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”

The Verge

Jungle chic? Unrealistic but hot. Death traps in a tropical jungle? Why not. Box MVs are nice, but watching our favorite girl group dance in a meadow during the chorus and survive a video game jungle during the verses would be amazing. You already know their strengths and weaknesses, but how would that work out in a jungle?


Dance-fighting in a K-pop MV would be legendary.


3. “Blade Runner 2049”

The misogyny and absence of interesting, fleshed-out female characters in “Blade Runner 2049” were off-putting, but the graphic design, special effects, and sets were very memorable and made the movie come to life. The lush purple cityscapes contrasted with harsh, orange deserts and dreary blue, sterile government buildings would make thought-provoking social commentary in a music video. One of our favorites scenes in the dystopian movie is the main character’s journey into an abandoned Vegas.


The purple gradients were gorgeous and can be easily reproduced in most metropolitan cities like so…

The repetition of female statues and powerless, female robots was not lost on us, but what if the music video tackles how pervasive the male gaze is in our society and turns it on its head by the end of the video? Not only would that be an empowering interpretation of “Blade Runner 2049,” but it would connect a fierce song with a story that actually supports its lyrics and themes.

4. “Wonder Woman”

A female superhero who has faith in humanity, Diana saves the world in her own way and in beautiful fashion no less. Diana’s “Godkiller” sword, golden armor, and shield can be replicated with golden bracelets and headpieces, whereas her red and blue dress can turn into smart red or blue blouses with black harnesses and tight black leather pants. On the other hand, her understated winter coats would be perfect as is in the first minute of the music video.


The question is: “Who is Ares?” What kind of social commentary would the video deliver? Anti-war, pro-peace? We would love to watch a superhero-themed music video unfold.

5. “Crazy Rich Asians”


The wedding scene in “Crazy Rich Asians” was so extravagant and ornate, yet it resonated with us. We loved how Rachel was strong, well-spoken, and polite even when her fiancé’s mother was indifferent and disrespectful. Rachel’s Cinderella background is highlighted even further in her simple, elegant fashion.

The palm leaves, grasses, pond, red lanterns, and artificial fireflies were stunning and a creative blend of East and West and nature and city.

Architectural Digest
The Knot

We love all the different contrasts in this scene, especially between traditional and modern. It would be spectacular to see a girl group music video blend traditional Korean cultural elements with western elements similarly.

The sky’s the limit.

Which movies would you like to see turned into K-pop girl group music videos? Let us know in the comments below! 

EvaCh10 loves watching science fiction and fantasy movies when she isn’t busy streaming BTS. She is always on the lookout for BTS gifs, K-dramas with complex plots or mysteries, and videos and gifs of Lee Kwang Soo on “Running Man.”

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