Sleepy Time: K-Pop Idols Who Manage To Look Cute And Fashionable When Woken Up

We see idols wearing some of the fanciest outfits on stage, showcasing outstanding makeup looks, incredible accessories, and envy-worthy hairstyles, but it’s not only on stage when they manage to enchant us. If you have a favorite idol or group, chances are you’ve probably watched a behind-the-scenes video — or 10 — of them waking up or enjoying a relaxing day in their pajamas, am I right? While it will always be extremely surprising to me how all of them manage to look incredible even after a couple hours of sleep, we put together a list of some of the idols and groups who look the cutest and even fashion-worthy when in their sleepwear or right after being woken up.

BLACKPINK in your V Live area

Talk about being born camera ready. How they manage to look like they were about to jump into a photoshoot, I truly don’t know. From matching pajamas to their ready-to-go hair, BLACKPINK always manages to not only look extremely cute, but also fashionable when getting ready for bed.

Kihyun vs. MONSTA X

Here’s when we thank Kihyun for providing us with such great content. The MONSTA X members, who usually look strong and powerful on stage, show a softer, messier, and cute side of themselves when being woken up. From short naps backstage to early mornings before work, they all handle this waking up situation really well.

EXO’s Chen and Lay against Morpheus

No nod off? No weird expressions, double chin, or open mouths? I definitely need to take sleeping-in-public-and-looking-great-while-at-it classes from Chen and Lay. One second they’re awake, the next they’re looking stunning and flawless while in the arms of Morpheus, making it impossible for the other members to use this as blackmail material in the future, as they just look too good to be true.

Waking up with Red Velvet

The aesthetic here is just too good to be true. With palette coordinated pajamas, a dreamy environment, and all the members’ stunning bare faces, Red Velvet manages to get out of bed looking ready for a shoot. From Yeri’s pajama dress to Seulgi’s two-piece set, we’re here to see more of these moments in the future!

Taeyang, AKA Mr. Pajamas

Taeyang could step outside in any of these outfits, and probably everyone would think it’s his style of choice and not what he actually wears in bed. Self recognized as pajamas-obsessed, he takes sleeping clothes very seriously by dedicating a section of his closet to them. Doesn’t he look ready to go on the runway with either of the pajamas he’s wearing in this video? We need to take notes.

HyunA’s stylish insomnia

Simple, cute, and stunning. We’ve all had insomnia, but HyunA manages to look flawless while at it. Her skin is glowing, her hair is the perfect combo between messy and textured, and the contrast between her usual stage looks and the simplicity of her pajamas turns this into an even more iconic moment.

GOT7’s real life lullaby

Who can get away with heavy dancing in their pajamas while looking incredible? GOT7, that’s who. Let me tell you, I would not complain if these were their actual MV outfits, because they know how to rock them. “Lullaby” comes to life when the seven members wear matching blue silk PJs, and it only makes us want for them to release another one of these soon.

Relatable EXID’s Hani

Two words: How cute! EXID’s Hani, known for her capability to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, shows us how it’s done while on an episode of “Running Man” and, to be honest, it has to be one of the cutest videos in K-pop history. Totally surrendering to the sleepiness, she goes all in to take a short power nap in the car, but once she’s back awake, it’s like nothing happened.

BTS: Back To Sleep

Thankfully we have lots of BTS pajama content available thanks to their Run episodes, but this recent one is without a doubt one for the books. Bare faces, the struggle of trying to wake up fast, cozy pajamas, funny shirts… everything about this episode is remarkable and reminds us that even being superstars, they are just as human as we are.

Stray Kids fashion sleepwear

Another example of “they could rock these outfits on the street and kill it.” In fact, is it just me, or did you also think for the first minute that they were just wearing stylish/relaxed outfits? Sleepwear inspired outfits are a trend now, and Stray Kids could definitely rock it if they wanted. This is proof of it.

Special Mentions: Sunmi and Seulgi

This is more of a relatable piece. Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Sunmi struggle to wake up and, don’t we all understand deep down in our hearts? Hitting the snooze button until they finally find the strength to wake up and then taking their time to get up and stretch, all while looking cute and warming up our hearts.

Special Mentions: Jungkook

Run. Episode 31. Yes, deep down we all know that’s the episode. Fodder for hundreds of memes, Jungkook is for sure the king of this episode with his cute expressions, the struggle to wake up, and of course, the mythical fall, which is for sure one of the cutest moments we’ve ever seen, and somehow he looks stunning throughout the whole thing.

What’s your favorite idol sleepy moment, Soompiers? There’s so many more we could add to this list!

Caromalis is a K-pop, K-Fashion, and K-beauty obsessed content creator and writer. You can find her interviewing some of yours (and her) favorite groups when they visit NYC, trying the latest K-beauty trends or testing idols’ skincare routines. Say hi to Caro on Instagram and Twitter!

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