Tensions Rise As L Becomes Concerned For Shin Hye Sun’s Safety In “Angel’s Last Mission: Love”

KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” has released new stills of the cast at a fancy party!

“Angel’s Last Mission: Love” has already placed first in viewership ratings in its time slot last week, as well as this week. With its thrilling romance, captivating fantasy elements, and perfect chemistry between the actors, viewers couldn’t take their eyes off the screen.


Currently, the danger surrounding Lee Yeon Seo (played by Shin Hye Sun), from the near-fatal car accident to the frightening chandelier drop, is adding to the drama’s high tension. On top of that, her aunt Choi Young Ja (played by Do Ji Won) is getting in the way of Lee Yeon Seo’s return to ballet and made viewers concerned with her hopes to not have Lee Yeon back with the ballet troupe.

The newly released stills for “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” show the ballet troupe’s supporters association’s night. However, pictures of Lee Yeon Seo, Dan (played by INFINITE’s L), Ji Kang Woo (played by Lee Dong Gun), and Choi Young Ja hint that something just might go terribly wrong.

In the stills, Lee Yeon Seo is sitting in her seat while wearing a white dress. Previously, Choi Young Ja’s husband promised Lee Yeon Seo to turn over all rights regarding the ballet troupe over to her at the supporters association’s night. However, viewers are excited for the battle to come between Lee Yeon Seo and Choi Young Ja as they’re curious to find out if Choi Young Ja will just simply give up the ballet troupe to Lee Yeon Seo.

Meanwhile, next to Lee Yeon Seo is Ji Kang Woo providing his sturdy support. A bit away from Lee Yeon Seo, Dan is also looking around while observing his surroundings. His wary attitude as he moves around the party has left the viewers curious as to why he’s acting nervous, unable to take his eyes off of Lee Yeon Seo. Viewers are suspecting that his angel’s intuition will become active in order to protect Lee Yeon Seo.

The unpredictable night in “Angel’s Last Mission: Love” will air on June 6 at 10 p.m. KST. If you haven’t already, catch the latest episode below!

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