3 Things To Look Out For In Upcoming Episodes Of “Arthdal Chronicles”

tvN’s newest weekend drama “Arthdal Chronicles” has captivated viewers with its star-studded cast and exciting storyline.

Here are some things to look out for as the drama progresses!

1. The beginning of Eun Seom’s obstacles in Arthdal

In the second episode of “Arthdal Chronicles,” the Daekan forces invaded the Wahan clan and captured Tan Ya (played by Kim Ji Won) and members of the tribe. Eun Seom (played by Song Joong Ki) had settled down in the village of the Wahan clan after the death of his mother, Asahon (played Chu Ja Hyun). In this village, Eun Seom enjoyed lovely moments with Tan Ya, who is also cursed under the blue star just like him. Just when Eun Seom was on the verge of being kicked out of the village after being given the task of having to ride a stolen horse, the Daekan forces invaded. When Tan Ya was dragged through the Wahan village, which had turned into a sea of fire, Eun Seom appeared riding the legendary horse Kanmoreu.

Although Eun Seom attempted to rescue Tan Ya, she could not leave the oppressed Wahans behind. She was eventually taken when she pushed away Eun Seom, and tensions rose when Eun Seom rode off on Kanmoreu in order to rescue his tribe. Viewers are curious to see whether Eun Seom will enter the great civilization of Arthdal, as well as the obstacles that will begin to surround him.

2. The conspiracy and threats behind Ta Gon’s homecoming

Ta Gon (played by Jang Dong Gun) led the Daekan forces to invade Yiark in order to take the Wahan tribe as slaves under Arthdal. The next episode is expected to showcase Ta Gon returning to Arthdal in glory, welcomed by the cheers of people shouting his name and declaring him to be Arthdal’s greatest warrior. However, surrounding Ta Gon’s honorable homecoming will be conspiracies and threats, and a struggle for power over Arthdal will begin to materialize.

Moreover, Ta Gon will face the threat of an unexpected enemy. It is a mystery as to whether Eun Seom will eventually face Arthdal’s powerful Ta Gon and put a twist in his plans.

3. The awakening of Tan Ya, the child of prophecy & the future of Tae Al Ha, an ambitious political leader

In the third and fourth episodes of “Arthdal Chronicles,” the roles of Tan Ya and Tae Al Ha (played by Kim Ok Bin) will add to the sense of immersion in the drama. Tan Ya, a descendant of the Wahan clan mother and the child of prophecy, lived in the peaceful village of Yiark as a brave and intelligent girl who looked after Eun Seom. She was innocent in that she wanted to avoid the great mission given to her and run away with Eun Seom. Her feelings changed after watching members of her tribe fall victim to the sudden invasion of the Daekan forces, and she expressed a firm commitment to protect the Wahans. There is much attention focused on the dramatic fate that Tan Ya will face in Arthdal.

Tae Al Ha, the daughter of tribal leader Mi Hol (played by Jo Sung Ha) and lover of Ta Gon, will have a larger role in the third and fourth episodes of “Arthdal Chronicles.” Unlike others, Tae Al Ha shows off her beauty with colorful clothes and accessories, while continuing to make shocking moves for her own desires, displaying her femme fatale charms. As Tae Al Ha, a politician who holds great ambitions, attempts to make her dreams come true by any means necessary, tensions are expected to rise when she faces her turbulent fate.

The production staff stated, “If the first and second episodes opened up the world of Arthdal by focusing on the worldview and the characters, then in the third and fourth episodes, the intense story of the Arthdal war will be told as the four main characters Ta Gon (Jang Dong Gun), Eun Seom (Song Joong Ki), Tan Ya (Kim Ji Won), and Tae Al Ha (Kim Ok Bin) gather in Arthdal. Please look over this breathtaking, moving story.”

tvN’s “Arthdal Chronicles” airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST.

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