Watch: Cast Of Korean Remake Of “Designated Survivor” Works With Passion And Laughter In Making Video

Following the first script reading, tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, “Designated Survivor: 60 Days”, shared a making video!

The drama is a Korean remake of the American TV series “Designated Survivor,” which is about what happens when an inexperienced politician ends up becoming the President of the United States after an explosion kills the former president and everyone else in the presidential line of succession.

In the beginning of the video, Ji Jin Hee introduces himself, saying, “I’m Ji Jin Hee who plays Park Mu Jin. It’s nice to meet you. We finally started filming, and I am doing my best with an excited heart. All the cast and crew have big expectations, so I hope you guys look forward to it, too.”

The actor perfectly immerses in his role during filming, but when he’s off camera, he becomes a jester and lights up the set with his jokes. With a serious expression, Ji Jin Hee says his line, “Did you say…power? It is a word that has nothing to do with me.” The director jokes, “Your expressions look like you really have no relation to power,” and the actor quips, “I really don’t.”

Kim Gyu Ri points out that it’s Ji Jin Hee’s first time wearing glasses in a drama and jokes, “He says he has a headache and that he feels awkward.” A song comes out of nowhere, and Ji Jin Hee playfully comments, “The National Assembly has become a disaster, but they’re partying,” making Kim Gyu Ri double over with laughter.

Next, Lee Joon Hyuk greets the viewers as Oh Young Seok and shares, “I felt like the filming atmosphere was very nice. The director is nice and so is the crew.”

Heo Joon Ho, who plays Han Joo Seung, the chief presidential secretary, does his best during both the script reading and filming. He enters the outdoor set with confident steps and shakes the director’s hand before kindly smiling at the crew. The veteran actor says, “The atmosphere of our first filming was lovely. We are showing great teamwork. I’m looking forward to how it will turn out, and I hope you will give it a lot of love.”

Then Kang Han Na appears as Han Na Kyung, an agent of the National Intelligence Service task force investigating the terrorist attack on the National Assembly. She states, “I participated in the first filming with excitement and anticipation. I was so happy.” She can be seen getting along with actress Bae Jong Ok on the set, and they continuously laugh when they’re not filming.

Bae Jong Ok shows great charisma on set with her veteran acting skills. She shows the sophisticated charms of her character Yoon Chan Kyung, but when she makes a mistake, she smiles shyly, which makes her more approachable.

Kim Gyu Ri plays Park Mu Jin’s wife, a human rights lawyer named Choi Kang Yeon, so the actress has great chemistry with Ji Jin Hee. The two are often seen laughing and joking around when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Son Seok Gu introduces himself, saying, “I’m 37-year-old [in Korean reckoning] Son Seok Gu. I felt like I could put my complete trust in this drama, and I can’t wait for July 1. I feel the energy of a masterpiece.”

A staff member comments that he cut his hair cutely, and Son Seok Gu timidly asks, “My hair? It became neat, didn’t it? Do I look too young?” The staff member gives him a strange look and kindly comments, “You’re not at that age anymore.” Son Seok Gu later adds, “[Someone from the crew] said I look like Yoo Seung Ho from ‘The Way Home’,” making Ji Jin Hee beside him burst into laughter.

Last but not least, actress Choi Yoon Young makes her entrance as Jung Soo Jung, a policy aide at the Ministry of Environment. During the script reading, she poses perfectly as her new role, but during break time, she is fascinated by the big cameras on set.

“Designated Survivor: 60 Days” will premiere on July 1 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Watch the making video below!

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