Watch: “Produce X 101” Trainees Wow With Position Evaluation Performances In Sneak Preview

“Produce X 101” has shared a pre-release clip for today’s episode!

On the June 7 episode of the Mnet survival show, the remaining 60 contestants will form teams for their next mission: the position evaluation, aimed to determine the best contestants in the vocal, rap, and dance positions.

In a new preview clip, host Lee Dong Wook introduces the rules for the mission. He explains that unlike in previous years, they’ve added an additional position category: an “X” category that involves trainees having to do either both dance and rap or vocal and rap.

The two “X” songs are described as “High risk high reward,” because trainees’ benefit points will be doubled if they take on those songs. The trainees who come in first in the “X” teams will receive points that are 200 times their score. All the members of the winning “X” team will receive 200,000 benefit points.

Lee Dong Wook emphasizes to the trainees that they should keep in mind that if they choose the dance and rap “X” song, they will have to both create choreography and write rap lyrics. Trainees who choose the dance and vocal “X” song will have to arrange the song in addition to coming up with the choreography.

The trainees look nervous as they consider whether they should go for the extra challenge or take a safer route by going with a song that only focuses on one position.

“Produce X 101” gives a preview of the rehearsals for rap position team for “Yes or No” by Zico (featuring Penomeco and The Quiett). It includes trainees Cho Seung Youn and Nam Do Hyon performing the rap lyrics they wrote for their teammates in the hopes of being chosen as the group’s main rapper.

Fans then get a sneak preview of three performances, including the dance team performing Bruno Mars’s “Finesse (Remix),” the vocal team performing MAMAMOO member Hwasa’s “Twit,” and the vocal team performing Paul Kim’s “Me After You.” Lee Dong Wook is shown looking amazed during the “Me After You” performance.

Check out the preview below!

Episode 6 of “Produce X 101” airs on June 7 at 11 p.m. KST.

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