Watch: 2AM’s Changmin Lights Up The Stage With His “Immortal Songs” Performance

On June 8, KBS’s “Immortal Songs” held their “Kim Hak Rae” special. Kim Hak Rae was a singer who was popular in the 1980s.

The guest performers for this episode included ballad singer Park Shi Hwan, MONNI, SBSB (the combination of Sweet Sorrow and The Barberettes), DickPunks, Lee Changmin, and musical actors Son Jun Ho and Kim So Hyun.

In the interview backstage, Changmin, who was part of the ballad group 2AM and the vocal duo Homme, talked about how he achieved his goal to beat Son Jun Ho during his last appearance on “Immortal Songs.” The two are close friends, and when Changmin said that they just joked around after the end of that episode, Son Jun Ho joked, “I think that winners and losers should keep their distance from each other.”

Changmin joined in the teasing and said, “I thought Son Jun Ho came to my dressing room to cheer me on today, but he just wanted to borrow the iron.”

The performances began with Park Shi Hwan, who sang “Anxiety of Sadness” (literal title). He took a commanding lead of 412 votes over the next performer, MONNI, who performed “Winter Sea.”

SBSB was next to perform with “Heaven,” but was also unable to overtake Park Shi Hwan’s lead. Park Shi Hwan took two consecutive wins before DickPunks defeated him with 417 votes.

Right after DickPunks’ performance, Changmin put his own spin on Kim Hak Rae’s famous “The Sun.” His electrifying performance was praised by SBSB, who said, “It was like getting a full gift set on stage.”

Changmin was able to beat DickPunks with 421 votes and ended up taking the final win this episode after Son Jun Ho and Kim So Hyun, the final performers, were unable to beat his lead.

Check out Changmin’s performance below!

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