Watch: Akdong Musician Performs Together On TV For The 1st Time In 2 Years

On the June 8 episode of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Akdong Musician and Jeon Somi appeared as guests.

With Jeon Somi’s upcoming solo debut and Akdong Musician’s return as a duo after Lee Chan Hyuk’s discharge from military service, the guests had a lot to talk about and share on the show.

During the episode, the cast asked to see Akdong Musician perform together, recalling that Lee Soo Hyun had sung alone the last time she had appeared on the show. As they grabbed their mics, Lee Soo Hyun said, “It’s been a really long time since we sung live together.” Kim Heechul commented, “Isn’t it the first time in about two years?”

The brother-sister duo then showed off their perfect harmony as they sang a medley of their hit songs.

Lee Chan Hyuk was also asked about girl groups visiting him during his military service and he said, “Only my parents and sister came to see me.” Kim Heechul asked Jeon Somi why she didn’t go and she said in confusion, “This is the first time we’ve met.”

More seriously, Lee Chan Hyuk was asked why he didn’t produce songs for Lee Soo Hyun’s solo album before he left to join the Marines. Lee Chan Hyuk said that he had in fact prepared many songs for her, but one day, Lee Soo Hyun sent him a long email.

He said, “She wrote, ‘Oppa, I don’t think I’ll do an album with songs that you wrote. I want to do my own music now.’ I read that and thought, ‘Wow. She’s finally becoming an artist.’ So she’s been preparing an album by herself.”

Kim Heechul commented, “In the past, you used to bicker a lot as siblings. But now you’ve become really warm and affectionate toward each other.”

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