Soyul Tears Up On “The Return Of Superman” When Recalling The Time She Learned She Was Pregnant

On the June 9 episode of KBS’s “The Return of Superman,” the cast welcomed a new family to their ranks!

Moon Hee Jun and Soyul, who got married in February 2017 and had their first child the following May, have joined the show with their daughter, Heeyul (nicknamed JamJam).

During the family’s first interview, Moon Hee Jun introduced himself as, “I am Moon Hee Jun, the father of 24-month-old Heeyul. When I first saw Soyul, she really caught my eye. We kept in contact for 2 years before we started dating.”

Soyul said, “Within the first two days, he bought me the walnut cookies that I like and I thought that I might want to marry him. I was the one who suggested marriage first.”

At one point in the interview, the production staff asked them how they felt when Soyul learned that she was pregnant before marriage.

Moon Hee Jun said, “I was really shocked inside. On the outside, though, I suggested marriage without even hesitating for a second.”

Soyul, on the other hand, started tearing up and said in confusion, “I’m crying because I’m remembering how hard it was at the time.”

Moon Hee Jun tried to lighten the atmosphere with a joke, saying, “If you cry like that, then people will think that we only got married because of the baby.”

Soyul said firmly, “We got married because we love each other. But I was really shocked at the time to suddenly learn that I was pregnant. However, because of that, I was able to meet our beautiful daughter.”

She also added that she had felt grateful and comforted that he had suggested marriage as soon as she told him she was pregnant.

Moon Hee Jun added, “Now I feel like I’m going to cry.”

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