Watch: EXO Teams Up With “Stage K” Winning Team To Put On Dream Performance Of “Love Shot”

On the June 9 episode of JTBC’s “Stage K,” four teams from Thailand, the United States, Japan, and Belarus competed to see who would get to perform their dream stage with EXO.

Before the performances, the EXO members shared their criteria for judging the teams. Sehun said, “Bringing out your own unique style and feeling,” Baekhyun said, “Energy,” Kai said, “Rather than perfectly synchronized choreography, your swag and feel,” Chen said, “Teamwork,” and Suho said, “The synergy when everyone works together.”

The first team to perform was the team from Thailand, who covered EXO’s “Monster.” Suho said, “The key point in this dance is the ‘X.’ You have to match the angle perfectly.” After the performance, Baekhyun said, “I think they watched our videos a lot. Now we have to work harder too.”

The next team, from the United States, chose to cover “Tempo.” Baekhyun said, “There are no breaks in ‘Tempo.’ The choreography is tough. The bounce in your body and pelvis is important.” After the performance, Chen said, “You could feel that they were really relaxed” and Kai added, “It’s really hard choreography, but they brought out their own style really well. It didn’t feel like our choreography, but like watching another artist. I hope they can achieve their dreams of becoming K-pop idols.”

The team from Japan performed a cover to “Ko Ko Bop.” Kai said, “It’s a fun song that has a reggae sound. The tempo changes in the middle and that’s hard. You have to make your movements precise. I’m excited to see what they’ll bring.” After the performance, Baekhyun said, “There are no breaks in this song, so it’s really hard. But they brought out 100 percent of their energy until the very end. Their popping at the beginning was powerful.” Kai added, “The most important part of a performance is the beginning, and as soon as I saw theirs, it was over. This has been my favorite so far.”

The last team to perform was from Belarus and they covered “Call Me Baby.” Chen said, “The important part for this song is not the choreography but being able to bring out your own unique relaxed and sexy vibe.” After the performance, Chen said, “We make a lot of mistakes too, so it’s amazing that they have such great teamwork despite not being trained in dance.” Kai added, “You can tell that they practiced a lot. It was amazing.”

The teams from Japan and the United States qualified for the second round and performed covers of EXO’s famous “Growl.”

In the end, the team from Japan took the final win and got to perform the collaboration of a lifetime with EXO.

Check out their performance of “Love Shot” below!

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