7 K-Drama Sibling Moments That Are Way Too Relatable

No one drives you crazy like a sibling, and no one has your back like a sibling. Our brothers and sisters love to push our buttons, tell it to us straight and fight with us – whether we’re fighting on the same side or just arguing with each other. Along the way, we develop a shared history of memorable moments and random inside jokes that are equal parts hilarious and cringe-worthy.

Most K-drama siblings live in heightened realities where everything and everyone is too extra for their own good. But no matter what crazy adventures drama siblings get into, there are always times when their bonds and rivalries are painfully familiar. Here are seven relatable moments when K-drama siblings were just like our own.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

1. Duk Mi and Eun Gi take sides in “Her Private Life

First, we have to address the fact that approximately 27 percent of K-drama siblings are not actually related and may or may not be in love with each other. Case in point: Duk Mi (Park Min Young) and Eun Gi (Ahn Bo Hyun) in “Her Private Life.”

This particular moment happens right at the start of the drama before we even realize the pair have different parents. Duk Mi’s parents are mad at each other, and it’s down to the kids to see them through the crisis. In classic sibling fashion, they each pick a parent to side with, planning to calm the storm through good old-fashioned lip service. And hey, it actually works (sort of)! Blood relatives or not, these two have their tag-team parent tackles down.


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2. Seo Joon confronts Se Ri about her lies in “SKY Castle

“SKY Castle” puts a lot of focus on tiger parents whose poor kids lurk around trying not to be noticed. So when one of those poor kids takes the spotlight, especially a quieter one like Seo Joon (Kim Dong Hee), it really gets your attention.

Here, Seo Joon has a heated confrontation with his sister Se Ri (Park Yoo Na), the supposed golden child who got into Harvard. Except wait, no, that was a huge lie and she’s been faking it all along. Seo Joon has only ever wanted to make his parents proud. Now his sister has utterly humiliated them, and at first, he can’t understand why. It’s a heartbreaking moment when you realize that your perfect older sibling is actually full of flaws and maybe even be more messed up than you are.


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3. Ri Ohn and Ri Jin do a Team Rocket chant in “Kill Me, Heal Me”

Here’s another one for the “not blood relatives/unrequited love” column, but luckily, Oh Ri Ohn (Park Seo Joon) and Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) prioritize their sibling bond above all. Ri Jin went through her fair share of trauma and Ri Ohn became the reason she could survive it. But you would never guess it if you saw them in action. It’s a rare moment when they’re not pulling each other’s hair or tackling each other to the ground.

One such rare moment occurs in Episode 11, when Ri Ohn reluctantly drives Ri Jin to see Do Hyun (Ji Sung), despite being worried for her safety. She puts his fears to rest by insisting they do their amazing, personalized rendition of the Team Rocket motto from Pokémon, right there in the street! To see it is to be blown away by it.


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4. In Ha hits up In Ho for cash in “Cheese in the Trap

All his life, In Ho (Seo Kang Joon) has been cleaning up after his sister In Ha (Lee Sung Kyung). The bolder and brasher (read: crazier) of the two, In Ha has no qualms about ferociously pursuing the life of luxury she thinks she deserves, even if it means manipulating In Ho to achieve her aims. She’s not above guilt-tripping him to give her cash by reminding him of the time he ran away from their abusive aunt without her, even though she knows how scared he was back then.

If only In Ha were entirely evil, it would be easy for In Ho (and for us) to hate her. But she’s also the only constant in In Ho’s lonely life, and she loves him more than anyone else in the world. There’s a painful contradiction in this sibling bond that’s just as hurtful as it is healing.


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5. Dong Hoon and his brothers have a shouting match in “My Mister

Who’s the first person Dong Hoon (Lee Sun Gyun) calls when he “loses” 50 million won (approximately $42,300)? Of course it’s his kid brother Ki Hoon (Song Sae Byuk). And of course their big brother Sang Hoon (Park Ho San) tags along to help, even though he’s roaring drunk.

When stressed-out Dong Hoon, ragey Ki Hoon, and tipsy Sang Hoon put their heads together, it goes about as well as you’d expect. One minute Ki Hoon’s yelling at Dong Hoon because he doesn’t remember any of his coworkers’ cell phone numbers, the next minute Sang Hoon is telling Ki Hoon he should just go die and clumsily trying to beat him up. Few of us misplace huge amounts of blackmail money, but a lot of us know what it’s like when your siblings want to help but are actually completely terrible at it.


6. Ji Ho’s little bro gets all the love in “Because This Is My First Life

It’s as true now as it ever was: some parents treat boys and girls differently. Especially in more conservative households, boys are let off the hook and the expectations for them are low, while girls are pressured to behave nicely and succeed professionally. It’s something Ji Ho (Jung So Min) has had to deal with her whole life.

Her brother Ji Suk (Noh Jong Hyun) is a nice enough guy, but he’s never had to become a breadwinner like Ji Ho. She paid for the apartment they share with blood, sweat, and tears, but when Ji Suk gets his girlfriend pregnant, Ji Ho’s the one who’s forced to move out, because them’s the outdated gender politics. Even worse? She has the misfortune to catch the lovebirds in the act before she leaves *shudder*.

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7. Eun Chan and Eun Sae talk it out in “Coffee Prince

Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) and Eun Sae (Yoon Young Ah) are about as different as siblings can get. One is a hardworking tomboy with a million day jobs, the other is a flighty princess who dreams of becoming an idol singer. But one thing they have in common? They can both yell the house down, and they do so on a daily basis.

Episode eight of “Coffee Prince” is refreshing because instead of fighting, Eun Chan and Eun Sae spend all their time giving each other advice, care, and love. Boy-crazy Eun Sae helps Eun Chan navigate her first real crush, while Eun Chan knows Eun Sae needs all the hugs when she cries over flunking her audition. They wrap up the episode doing face masks together, reminding us all of how sweet it is to have a sister – even a crazy one who you just can’t stand.

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Which sibling relationship sounds like your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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