Hollywood Film “The Intern” To Get A Korean Remake + Song Kang Ho Turns Down Casting Offer

Film “The Intern” is preparing to be remade in Korea!

News began circulating last year about a Korean remake that will be the film debut of producing director (PD) Kim Won Suk, who worked on dramas “Incomplete Life,” “My Ahjussi,” and “Arthdal Chronicles.” Warner Brothers Korea purchased the rights to the film and has been working on it for a long time.

Starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, the 2015 Hollywood film tells the story of a friendship between a young woman in her 30s who becomes the successful CEO of her company within a year and an intern in his 70s with an abundance of personal and professional experience. “The Intern” was loved by Korean audiences and achieved 3.61 million moviegoers in Korea.

Some netizens, however, expressed their opinion about parts of the story not fitting with the Korean culture and were divided on news of a Korean remake.

About this, a source from the film said, “First, ‘The Intern’ is continuously undergoing an adaptation process. Since there’s a famous original work, adapting it to fit Korean culture is not a short process. The Korean version will not have the same story as the original film. We also know that the remake may be viewed from a different perspective even though the original film succeeded at communicating with fans. We’ll do our best to prepare for it.”

They continued, “Director Kim Won Suk has a project he’s currently working on, so it’s difficult to discuss a follow-up project at the same time. We’ll be able to have deeper conversations after ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ ends.”

After reports of the remake, director Kim Won Suk denied having made a decision on his involvement in the film. A source from the PD’s side said, “He has not made a decision about directing the Korean remake of ‘The Intern.'”

In addition, Song Kang Ho’s agency HODU & U Entertainment denied reports of the actor’s involvement in the remake. The source said, “It’s true that he received an offer, but it’s a project he already turned down last year.”

Which actors would you like to see in this Korean remake?

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