5 Times GOT7's Jinyoung Proved His Talent For Acting

As if we need a reason to love Jinyoung more, he is one of those idol-turned-actors who has been quite successful. Although his list of credited K-dramas and movies are only seven, he’s made a strong enough impression to really show that he’s got what it takes to be an actor and can be taken seriously. I mean, look:

In all seriousness, Jinyoung is one of those actors who can literally turn on his “actor switch” and instantly transform himself into the character he’s playing. Here’s a look at six times he has been able to prove his acting skills.

1. “My Love Eun Dong

Jinyoung’s first major role was when he played the younger version of Joo Jin Mo‘s character, Ji Eun Ho. In this series, Eun Ho meets a poor girl named Seo Jung Eun (Lee Ja In) and forms a strong bond with her. He feels a strong desire to protect her and be there for her while she goes through some struggles.

Jinyoung’s ability to portray this emotional relationship with Jung Eun is so touching to watch. When I first saw this K-drama, I was thoroughly impressed with Jinyoung’s ability to really deliver this character with such depth. He is so convincing!

“I’ll find you! Until then, don’t get sick, don’t get hurt.”

There are quite a few scenes in the drama where his character breaks down because of Jung Eun, and Jinyoung was able to pull this off flawlessly.

Catch Jinyoung in “My Love Eun Dong”:

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2. “The Legend of the Blue Sea

In “The Legend of the Blue Sea,” Jinyoung played the younger version of Lee Min Ho‘s character, Heo Joon Jae. And although his appearance is brief, you really can’t take away from the fact that from the short time he’s on screen, he’s really able to capture the audience with his charm and acting skills.

One scene, in particular, is when Joon Jae gets into a fight with his father.

The way Jinyoung looks at his character’s father is with such contempt and angst. It’s a moment that sticks with Joon Jae for his entire life, which makes it a pretty monumental scene and Jinyoung was able to deliver it so well!

Catch Jinyoung in “The Legend of the Blue Sea”:

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3. “Dream High 2

How could we forget that Jinyoung’s first acting gig was the wholesome and eager Ui Bong in “Dream High 2”?! Jinyoung didn’t have to do much in terms of showing the singing and dancing part of his character because of his background as an idol, but his ability to flirt and flaunt with Jung Yeon Joo was so effortlessly natural.

It was so smooth and so cool! It’s a shame this couple didn’t have a more prominent part in the series!

Catch Jinyoung in “Dream High 2”:

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4. “Nunbal”

“Nunbal,” also known as “A Stray Goat,” is a 2016 drama about a student named Min Sik (Jinyoung) who moves to a small town in the countryside. He meets a quiet girl named Ye Joo, played by Ji Woo, who is bullied by other classmates. Min Sik becomes intrigued by her and discovers that she has an unfortunate family situation that has made her an outcast in this small town. He slowly gets to know her and the two fall in love.

In one particular scene, Min Sik sees Ye Joo after she gets assaulted by a man, and the look on his face really shows all the complicated emotions he’s feeling.

5. “He is Psychometric

Last, but not least, we can’t overlook his most recent role as Lee Ahn in the hit series, “He is Psychometric.” This was the first K-drama lead role that Jinyoung was cast in (if you don’t include the web drama) and what a role it was! Not only is he fantastic in it, but the storyline is also so engaging and kept us viewers on the edge of our seats!

“He is Psychometric” tells the story of Lee Ahn, who can see a person’s past just by touching them. He takes this ability and uses it for good by taking down bad people.


There are several scenes throughout the series where Jinyoung really showcases his acting skills, but the one, in particular, that sticks out the most is when he is saying goodbye to his sister:

This scene is SO heartbreaking. The acting and emotions are so real in this particular scene. It is truly one of the saddest moments and amazing acting skills on the part of Jinyoung!

Catch Jinyoung in “He Is Psychometric”:

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Hey Soompiers! Which Jinyoung acting moment is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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