Dispatch Reports On iKON’s B.I Allegedly Attempting To Purchase Illegal Drugs + Reveals KakaoTalk Messages

On June 12, Dispatch reported that iKON’s B.I was accused of attempting to purchase drugs.

The report states that B.I attempted to purchase marijuana and LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) in 2016 and that the police did not investigate him despite having knowledge of this.

An individual named “A” was arrested at their home on charges of dealing with drugs, and while investigating the phone that belongs to “A,” the police found a KakaoTalk conversation shared between “A” and B.I in April 2016 that suggested B.I was attempting to purchase drugs. In the conversation, B.I allegedly told “A” that he smokes marijuana and asked “A” to purchase LSD for him as a proxy.

One of their conversations reads as follows:

B.I: I want to use that [LSD] forever. Is it strong?

A: L (LSD) is a top-grade drug in Korea.

B.I: No, not that, haha. The strength of the drug.

A: I’m saying the drug itself is strong too.

B.I: Can I get as many as I want?

A: Yeah.

B.I: Should I get three? I have to save money. Can’t I get a discount if you buy it?

A: No, but once you try L, weed will seem like a joke to you. That’s how you get to cocaine. Then you’ll really get in trouble.

B.I: Haha, I won’t. I’m doing it because I want to be become a genius.

A: You’ll end up like OOO, haha.

B.I: I’m going to stick to one my whole life. To be honest, I XXXXing want to use it everyday, but XXXX, it’s expensive.

B.I: But when you take L does it do that? Seeing things like graphics and seeing illusions and everything?

Below is a translation of another conversation:

B.I: Should I just buy in bulk? Haha, should I buy like 10?

A: Is it because you’re too lazy to buy it again?

B.I: Yeah, haha. That too, and also I just want to possess [LSD] worth about 1 million won (approximately $850).

A: You’re possessive about strange things.

B.I: XXXX. I’m debating if I should buy 10 or 1 million won’s worth.

A: 1 million won’s worth is only six. 10 would be 150 million won (approximately $1,270).

B.I: That’s expensive. Haha. No discounts for bulk purchases?

A: I’ll try asking. That’s why I’m telling you to buy a little bit because it’s your first time.

B.I: Haha, hey, that’s not me. I have to go all out from the beginning. That’s how men should be.

B.I: But try asking if I can get a discount for buying in bulk..

A: I’ll try asking.

Another conversation went as follows:

A: Hey, don’t talk about drugs with anyone else.

B.I: Haha, I’m asking you since I’ve taken some with you.

A: If you keep doing that, I’ll be the one to get hit by Yang [Hyun Suk]. Be careful.

B.I: Can you get it immediately?

A: But you really have to watch your mouth.

B.I: For [LSD], I won’t get caught if I just watch my mouth. You have to do a spine examination [to detect LSD].

A: You think they won’t look at your phone? They look at all of your KakaoTalk messages.

B.I: Yeah, I know. I’m in XXXXing danger right now. Delete this for now.

A: Lol.

B.I: I’m a coward so delete it, XXXX. I’m in Macau.

B.I: I’m flying to Korea on Saturday, and I’ll have to buy some from you.

There was an initial testimony from drug dealer “C” who revealed the names of their clients, which allegedly includes B.I. It was through this testimony that the police arrested “A” and found the KakaoTalk messages on their phone.

On August 22, 2016, “A” testified that they delivered the LSD to B.I in front of iKON’s dorm in Mapo District, Seoul on May 3, 2016. The police did not summon B.I for investigations nor contact him.

Regarding this, the police explained that “A” later stated in their third investigation on August 30, 2016, “It is true that B.I asked for the drug, but I did not actually obtain any for him.”

Dispatch reports that YG Entertainment paid the attorney’s fee for “A” and asked them to change their testimony.

YG Entertainment told Dispatch in a call, “YG strictly manages the drug use of our artists. B.I has no relation to the drug case in 2016. YG purchases a basic drug test kit every two months from the United States and performs a drug test. iKON also underwent a urine examination ahead of their promotions. Including B.I, none of the members tested positive.”

They added, “‘A’ mentioned B.I’s name in their police investigation to reduce the weight of their crime. We saw the testimony, and we met ‘A’ in the company to ask them to correct [their testimony]. That is why ‘A’ changed their words in their third investigation.”

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